Thursday, September 02, 2004

Poopie the puppy..

Yea, so my housebreaking rrr I mean potty training with Blue is not going so well....... yesterday the dog pooped in my house on my carpet 7 times from the time I got home to the time I went to sleep.. this is not including the two times he pooped in his cage (once before I got home from work and once in the middle of the night). Needless to say during this ordeal we got into a bit of a battle that I have now figured out was a power struggle. He was trying to bite me so as usual I was telling him no and giving him one of his toys that he can chew on (he is doing great with that never chews on anything isn't suppossed to except maybe my gym shoes) anyway, he didn't like me telling him no so he kept raming me.. so I just put up my hand and the little bugger was running and head butting my hand. He would sit down, shake his head, and do it again! Yikes. So I've been yelling at him all day about pooping, now about play biting whatever, so I started reading one of my books and it said one way to show the dog that you are boss is practicing tricks and obiedience. Kewl.. He loves treats.. so I go get the treat can and we practiced sit and stay for a few minutes. After that we were in my room again playing and watching tv when he darted out of my room down the hall.. rrr okay.. he's gonna poop on the carpet AGAIN!!! GEEZ.. so I follow him.. nope the little angel pooped right in the middle of the wee wee pad.. GOOD BOY BLUE!!! So I gave him a treat and a ton of love. Because of him pooping in the house so much I was afraid he would do it again in our bed so I wouldn't let him sleep with us which meant he had to sleep in his cage. At 1 am he woke up and pooped again in his cage and whined until I let him out. I cleaned up the cage and then made a bed on the floor and slept with him on the floor with me. This morning he wouldn't pee or poop for me inside or outside, so I got really scared that he would poop in the inside of his cage all day.. oh well, I had to go to work so in the cage he went. On my way out of the house I realized he had pooped a few times again on the wee wee pads.. maybe during the night or during my shower that morning. l felt like such a bad mommy!! I didn't see him do it so he didn't get a treat.. I felt like I screwed him out of his treats he had worked so hard to earn.. lol!! Oh well.. But today is a way better story.. he pooped outside 3 times since I've been home today. I love this little guy.. I can't get enough! This weekend I am planning on bringing him with me, my mom, and sister to go out to lunch! He goes everywhere I go. I took him to Wal-mart over last weekend and Dylan carried him in his pouch the whole time... everybody wanted to play with him and pet him.. it was sooooo cute.... ahhhh *sigh*

Monday, August 30, 2004

Collecting the pooppieeeee sample...

Yes, my baby had worms.. so the baby had to take 10 days of medicine which was actually quite easy to give to hime.. they gave to me pre-measured in a little syringes and I just put it in his mouth and he guzzled it down. They said it tasted sweet.. sot he dr's office calls today and says "we need a sample to retest"... okay.. "we close at 6pm tonight" okay.. I can run home get the dog out and usually he poops 3 times from the time I get home (around 5:30) to 7pm. Okay.. I can get him to poop once and run it over to the vet... I drive home.. get home around 5:20 run in the house, get the baby out of the cage, run down stairs and throw him on the grass.. Make potty baby, go potty, make the pee-pee and the poo-poo for mommy little sweetheart.. oh boy.. I'm wrecked.. oh well.. rrrr pee no poo.. geez.. just take a shit already.. yikes.. this thing is the shit machine every other day of the week and the one day I need you to take a crap... yea forget it! whatever. Okay.. maybe some exercise will help things move along... so I'm walking all around on the grass making the little guy run after me... then he got a piece of duck/goose poop in his mouth, had a nice game of mommy running after the baby to catch the baby.. yea, catching a chihuahua is like trying to catch a fish with out a pole.. slippery fast little suckers... okay.. forget it.. you aren't going to poop it's almost 5:40.. we wouldn't make it in time anyway.. let's go inside and eat some dinner... walk inside, drop him on the perfect cream new berber carpet... turn around, eat a cookie, turn around, huge pile of dog carp on the carpet.. wouldn't ya know it.. no time to yell at you BECAUSE I NEED THIS CRAP TO TAKE TO THE VET NOW!!! Geez.. let's go.. we gotta get there! Okay.. jump in the car.. on the way with the windows down and the baby in my lap I'm looking down at him, he's looking up at me and in a baby voice looking at my crotch area (just imagine this) I say "yea, and the doctors office, you are gonna get a nice treat" Yea, the guy in the car next to me thought I WAS A FREAK!! lol!! Anyway, we pulled into the vet's office parking lot with 5 mintues to spare... and yes.. the baby got his special liver treats that he just loves at the vet's office!

PS as I'm writing this entry the dog shit twice, once behind the couch and once next to the puppy pad.. not on the puppy pad.. this baby is gonna kill me yet (because my husband is gonna kill me when we need to replace everything in our new house!).

PSS I'm a bad puppy momma.. the baby lost weight.. he now weighs 2lbs even! He was 2lbs 1 oz a week ago.. geez.. what the hell am I doing wrong.. he eats like a PIG.. and here I am telling everybody at the vet the last time he gained 2 oz I was gonna make him anerexic!! Not good.. Not good!

Friday, August 27, 2004

Two weeks down... only 19 years to go!!

Chihuahua's are the smallest breed and have been known to live 15 years on average and as long as 20 years.. interesting! So I've had my babe for 2 weeks today. God, I'm so glad that I got back on the puppy search and went for it. I was at the point where it was either never think about getting a dog again and mope about it for months and months and everytime you see a dog you think that could be you, or just get the friggin dog and hopefully be happy. Well.. I did it.. I got the dog, and I'm sooo sooo happy I did. I just can not explain how happy he makes me.. he went one whole day with out any accidents! Good boy! We started our puppy kindergarten the day after he arrived and he socializes with any dog that passes our house while we are outside playing which is usually around 5-10 dogs per day. He also plays with all the neighborhood kids.. they love love love love him. I come home and they are on my driveway waiting for me, even at lunch time!!

Monday, August 23, 2004

Why having a dog is better than having a husband!

1. The dog will always listen to you, even if he isn't listening and understanding, he will wag his tail and smile as if you are the smartest person in the world.
2. A dog will never talk back.
3. The dog will always sleep as close to you as possible.
4. A dog will give you kisses whenever you want/need them.
5. A dog will allow you to treat him like a baby and love it.
6. A dog will never fight with you.
7. A dog will give you 100% attention all of the time.
8. Your dog thinks you are the BEST at anything and everything.
9. People will always stop and talk to you when you are with your dog, on the other hand taking walk with another human, most people won't even say "hello" to you.

Hmmm.. this list could go on and on.. but I think you all get the idea!

Friday, August 20, 2004

The Puppy Momma....

Okay, so today is officially my one week anniversary of being a puppy mama!! Whooooo-hooo... I made it? lol!! I am an incubator, a chew toy, a feeder, a walker, a big play toy, a chasing object, an affection magnet, a puppy kiss soaker... I have seen this 1lb.. yes I said 1lb dog poop and pee more than my 6'5" 275lb's insane.. where do these puppies keep it all.. he is sooo tiny I can never understand how all that pee is held in that tiny body...oh what a cutie though... geez.. I just can't get enough.. awhhhh (sigh). I'm in love. Everyone I run into with him tells me later they tell their friends and families about him and they can't wait to get to see him again. I have my co-workers begging for me to bring him back into work. Maybe this day or that day or whatever.. but geez....I gotta tell you.. having a brand new puppy is like having a brand new baby!! Yikes.. except the baby is completely mobile, doesn't cry when it's hungry, and pees and poops EVERYWHERE! On Wednesday he learned to climb the stairs on his own.. however, he fell down one stair and is now afraid to climb the stairs again. Too cute. He tries to get the cat to play with him and it never works, she just hisses and bats at him and walks away.. poor Sid!! Okay, yawn.. that's my blog!! Too tired to think or write..........

Sunday, August 15, 2004


I wish I had a camera, or a web cam right now because if you all could only see my perfect little peanut boy laying in my lap sleeping while I play on the would all be in love with my BLUE!! My baby/puppy-in-a-box was delivered safe and sound (of course there is a story there) and we have had a fun weekend bonding and playing. He comes when I call his name already, so I'm sticking with BLUE! Blue is my favorite color, and he is blue colored, and he has a blue blanket and a blue collar and leash! lol! Funny stuff.

Okay.. so Friday I leave work at 1:15 racing out of the parking lot, I had to drive from Elgin to Mundelein to pick up my son at 2:15 so we could race to the airport to pick up the puppy. The puppy was supposed to land at 3:24pm.... sooooo.. I'm driving and I get a phone call from my mom, she asked me when I was going to pick up my puppy because he was already there! WHAT he isn't landing until 3:30!!! So of course, somehow she had gotten a message from Northwest Airlines saying they had my dog and were waiting for me to come get him... WHAT! Umm okay.. give me the phone number (a whole bunch of bs later including trying to track down my son at his school, and everyone on the planet deciding to call me during these panic attack minutes....) so I get ahold of NW Airlines and yes, they are perfectly calm and just curious what time I'll be there.. when I explain I'm in Mundeliene picking up my son from school they sounded as if maybe they should call the animal cruelty on me for ignoring my new babe! I was freaking out and yelling "HE ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE HERE UNTIL 3:30" and the lady on the other end was calmly telling me that the girls in the office cleaned out his cage and played with him and that he was soooo tiny and he was resting... okay.. but "WHY IS MY DOG ALREADY HERE!! IT'S ONLY 2PM???" "oh, we don't know.. maybe because of the hurricane they put him on an earlier flight" umm okay.. so they say "okay, well we'll be here in cargo station waiting for you" "WHERE, WHAT IS THAT? HOW DO I GET THERE? NW AIRLINES TOLD ME TO GO TO THE BAGGAGE CLAIM" "ooooohhhhh he he he ho ho ho nooooooo... you need to come to the cargo station" "OKAY GIVE ME DIRECTIONS.... WHAT MANHEIM SOUTH, TURN RIGHT ON 19, AND THEN NOTHING IS MARKED.. OH GREAT... RRRR.. HOLD ON THERE IS A BUS PASSING ME I CAN'T HEAR YOU" "are you a suburban kid?" "YES WHY?" "I grew up in the city and directions and buses never bother me, but my son, suburban kid, calls me screaming when he gets lost" "WHAT, OKAY.. WHATEVER, LET ME REPEAT WHAT I SCRIBBLED DOWN"... Okay, so finally my son had to find me in the school yard because as usual I was a nervous wreck and couldn't figure out which door he told me to go... and we jump in the car and RACE to get the babe.. poor Dylan.. that kid deserves a NOBEL peace prize for keeping the PEACE! He is one of the few people that can chill me out exactly when I need it! lol!! Anyway, I think I scared the poor kids with my PEDAL TO THE METAL, SWERVING, SWEARING, BRAKE POUNDING driving.. but we made it to the outside of the airport and luckily the directions go us to where we needed to be (Dylan and I high fiving the whole way at our unbelievable luck) and we parked in front of this huge warehouse building and walked in... and there we finally got our baby.. all blue and perfect and a shivering pile of puppy!! Dylan like a proud PaPa leaving the hospital with his first born rushed to open every door and carried everything.. I carried my babe!! Dylan got in the car and layed a towel on his lap and cradled the baby all the way to my office where for an hour my entire office cooed over my perfect little guy... all the while trying to come up with a name for him... I think we eventually had around 30 names.. and it finally came back to the original name.. BLUE...

Thursday, August 12, 2004


My baby-in-a-box is being delivered on Friday!! whoooo-hooo.. My friend Phil has been calling it the doginabox since the beginning of my search because I'm buying a dog VIA THE NET!! Can you believe the things you can buy on the net.. he is soooo cute.. 3 1/2 lbs full grown!! Stay tuned for more details....

Monday, August 09, 2004

Calling off the search due to a shit storm...

Sadly, the search for my beloved baby chihuahua puppy has ended.. Yes.. it's hard to believe.. but after 3 attempts and 6 months of research to find my perfect puppy, I've lost the drive to even want a puppy anymore. I tried to buy 3 separate puppies and all 3 deals fell through.. one sold right before I called, one sold after I called and said I wanted the puppy, and the 3rd I gave up on myself after hearing Tim rant and rave about dog responsibilities.. I wasn't ready to bring a puppy into the house if he wasn't "on board" with me 100%. I'm super depressed over this and spent most of the weekend laying on the couch watching TV and pouting over my recent downs in my life. I know everybody goes through these times, and darn it, IT'S MY TURN. I'm gonna let myself be depressed over it, and why the hell not? For once, I'm not going to play Pollyanna and reason the good things over why all this bad stuff is happening my life. Furthermore, "everything happens for a reason" isn't cutting it this time for me. I'm pissed at the world in general and I refuse to laugh and let all this stuff just roll by. Maybe by the fall, the gloomiest time of the year in Chicago, I will feel much better.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Shopping for a baby...

My husband has finally agreed to let me have a baby of my own... a puppy!!!  I want a tiny teacup chihuahua so I'm off and running searching the net for my babe!!  Next time you'll see me I'll have my little love bug attached to me at the chest or in my purse peeking his/her little face out for everyone to love!!  Stay tuned for details.....

Friday, July 16, 2004

The war of the home improvement stores!!!

Well.. in my last post I mentioned going to buy a fire pit.. well.. This is something that SHOULD HAVE taken ohhhh maybe an hour.. plus returning two things to another home improvement store and grocery shopping.  They are all on the same street so they are all close.. Okay.. so we start the day (moving very slow I got a pretty bad sunburn at the pool the other day, so I'm a little tired and hurting) around 11am we leave the house.  We drive to the new Lowes by our house.  I have never been to one so I figured they would have the fire pit of my dreams.  I am imagining this huge store with one HUGE section of just fire pits.. yea, 4.  All pretty much the same as every other store.. one round, one square, one on wheels, one you can hook up to a gas propane tank to start it, one fire place... okay.  ALL TOTALLY INSANELY PRICED.. yea, forget it.. next store.. okay.. Sears.. 1 fire pit.. OUTRAGEOUSLY PRICED.. yea, next store.. Home Depot.. Okay, I know they got at least a few... yea, 3 months ago they did, now they only have one little stack of all the same one.. a big round one.. and again.. big price tag.  Okay.. next store.. Meijer.. Okay.. they have two.  One small one for $79 (I wanted to spend like $50) and a large round one on wheels for $99.  Fine boys, go to the storage shed and pull me out a large one! Okay.. dooo dooo dooo dooo dooo dooo do duh duh duh duh ta ta ta ta ta do do do ddo do do...... yea, 20 min later they return with a small one.. okay forget it, we'll take the small one.. oh yea, let's do our back to school shopping (Dylan goes back to school July 26th, year round school rocks except I'm missing all the good back to school sales by a month) Okay. So $140 later we leave with my beloved FIRE PIT and around $60 in school supplies.. school supplies have sure gotten friggin expensive.. Okay the time is now 12:45... I'm hungry my son is thirsty.. okay where do you want to go.. there is every restaurant known to man on this one strip... okay let's go to White Castle.. whatever.. I'm hungry could care less.. ohhh wooops there's a Burger King.. Kid loves Booggar Sling, gotta go there.. Okay, it's closer.. cool.. HE WINS.  Nice..  So we eat.. Now I'm really really tired.. It's now 1:15.. okay.. on to Menards.. (right next to my grocery store, but down the road around 3 miles plus construction from all the other places we went to first).  We return a screen door that was too big and a solar light we bought that already broke.  Okay, lets get the new screen door and oooohhhh lookey there... MENARDS still has a HUGE HUGE HUGE selection of FIRE PITS.. and oh... look how cheap they all are... DAMN IT.  Of course the one I originally wanted a month ago is still  here, $10 cheaper, but I could have bought the friggin thing a month ago and been doing better things with my child than dragging him to every HOME IMPROVEMENT store around!  Okay.. so we buy the door and the fire pit.. okay.. now do we go to the grocery store next door then take the first fire pit back on our way home, or do we just go back to Meijer where I can do my grocery shopping for a little more $$ and return the fire pit.. Yes, Okay.. just do that.  We'll go to Meijer.. OKay.. return the fire pit get back $85.12 in cash.. do the grocery shopping, go to pay, mental note, need cash for the way home.. oh yea, they just gave me $85.12 and it costs $40 to fill the tank, plus money for Tim's poker night.. ok... Yea, your total is $85.35!!! Geez, I have not additional cash on me.... so I had to write ANOTHER check for the day.  Tim's entire week check is now blown on school supplies, a new door, a fire pit, gas, poker night, a few groceries needed for our block party bbq, go carting today, and a lunch BOOGGER SLING.  Nice..oh yea, time on return to home.. 3:10pm.. now what the hell took me so long to get a fire pit, grocery shop, eat lunch, and stop for gas.. geez!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

A week with my son...

I have this week off and am spending it with my son!! Yeahhhhh!!! I love just hanging out with my son.. so far all we've done is gone to a movie, went to the pool, hung out with my sister and nephews. Today we are going shopping for my beloved fire pit I've wanted for years! lol!! I can't wait. Tomorrow we are going go cart racing with my husband. He took a day off so he could go play poker at a friends house tonight..hmm... nice..

Not much to report.. I've been sleeping in this week, so I think that I am finally beating this whooping cough crap. I'm not coughing as much. It's been nice because I can actually take the night time cough syrup and sleep and sleep. Sleep is good for me.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Wow, this summer has been super fantasic... lots of really really good days with low temps not too hot.. I guess that mean we are in for a hot August, September, and October and by January it might get down to 20 degrees... and by May it will be 20 below zero.. this is the way Chicago works.. never the same every year. This year we have gotten so much rain that we have been having flash floods!! We also have had a few really big tornadoes, and now even an earthquake. Too funny though because the earthquake was felt by everybody in our subdivision except me! My husband said even if he had felt it he would have thought it was me snoring. Nice guy huh?? Well back to the topic, tonight was especially perfect, blue sky, white puffy clouds here and there, a good breeze. My husband and I walked around our subdivision visiting with neighbors that we haven't seen since our cooping up during the long winter. It's so nice to see our subdivision finally becoming a neighborhood. We moved in last year it was just a few people on our street and one other completed street and then another street that was just started. There was never anyone around. This spring, out came all the kids, the people roller bladding, biking, walking alone, with babies/kids, friends, family, and dogs. The neighborhood dogs are what link us. You always say to people you know Mic the dog, and EVERYBODY knows the dog.. but the owner... uh what is his name?? lol!!! It's all too funny...

Well I'm hoping to get some test results tomorrow. I called and they said the results haven't been looked at yet.. hmm... can't you just read them to me.. hmm.. maybe I have more than Whooping Cough because they said the DR would call me back with the results later in the day... no call.. geez.. this DRS office is one that you gotta ride. There is a BBQ in our subdivision tomorrow and I'm looking forward to that. Just hanging out.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The big WC aka Typhoid Mary......

Okay.. well I've made some mentions in my last post as to being sick. Well as it turns out I have Whopping Cough.. Tim has named me the big WC and a neighbor calls me Typhoid Mary.. Nice huh?? Yes. I went to the dr and he told me I had bronchitis, gave me a presciption, and shooed me out the door (thanks for the $25 copay have a nice day). 4 days later not only did I feel the same, but sometimes worse. I didn't think that I had ANY symptoms of bronchitis so I called the dr. The nurse said that he would call back during the day. Waiting.. waiting... waiting... nothing.. called back at 5pm and the answering service answers and says that they make all their call backs between 5 and 6pm. Okay cool.. yea, eating dinner at 6:30pm.. no call back!! Geez. Up all night coughing 3 nights in a row, calling in to work sick 2 days in a row while we are understaffed due to 2 weddings in our office on the same day, I go back to work and start talking to another co-worker that is coughing up a lung. She tells me she took her two boys to the dr the day before and the dr told he whooping cough is going around and to be careful etc... Okay... let's look up whooping cough on the net.. hmmm.... wow... sounds like me... you feel fine most of the time EXCEPT when you are coughing and not breathing! I call the dr again, freaking out because my son can't have the vaccination for whooping cough because it causes seizures, and the nurse schedules me another appointment for that day. Okay, so I walk in and the nurse tells me that there has been 3 other cases just that week in their office. The doctor orders a blood test (which the results won't be back in for 7 days) gives me several new prescriptions plus extends my antibiotics for another 4 days. Okay, so now I tote around antibiotics, day time cough medicine, and 2 inhalers. I also have night time cough medicine which I feel makes me worse. The doctor said I caught it early and hopefully I won't go into a the full blown second phase which is the worst part of the illness, however, upon waking up this morning every time I coughed my throat would close up and I was gasping for air.... given the whooping cough is officially here. RRRRR... the illness can last up to 3 months and even after that you are super susceptible to other illnesses including colds, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Yea, nice.. this is gonna be a long summer!

Monday, July 05, 2004

The things I learned at SYBARIS...

For those of you who don't know what Sybaris is... well... we'll just say it's a special EXPENSIVE haven for couples... Yea, they have suites that are little cottages and they all have special pluses. There is no phone in any suite, no windows (so you never know what time it is), I believe that each cottage is sound proof (never heard a peep from the outside world), there is a TV, VCR, DVD player, Stereo, 2 fluffy robes, and a King size bed with 5 pillows in each cottage. You can book a suite for a 4, 5, or 6 hours mini getaway or overnight. Okay, so the cheapest suite is a whirlpool suite.. just a bed with a whirlpool bathtub in the room. Next is the Deluxe Whirlpool which also includes a steam shower in the room. Then is the Original Swimming Pool that has a pool, hot tub and a steam shower in the room. Next up is the Deluxe Swimming Pool that is the same as the Original Swimming Pool suite but it also has a whirlpool tub in the main bedroom as well. Lastly is the best of course, the Chalet... complete 3 level cottage has a slide that goes from the upper level down to the pool, a garage with remote opener, and all the amendities of the Deluxe Swimming Pool suite all for the low low price of $500+ per night. to check out the suites with prices. Depending on what day of the week you go, what coupons and specials you take advantage of plus adding in the price of a membership that you must pay for to go to Sybaris, your stay could run you anywhere from $100-$700.

Anyway, my husband and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on Saturday by renting one of these cottages. We picked the Deluxe Swimming pool suite.. so on our little 22 hour adventure (we got there early 5pm and had a free coupon for late check out the next day so we stayed until 3 pm Sunday) I learned some crazy things....

1. Even the biggest of boobs float in water with out a swim suit on. I've never skinny dipped before so I was fascinated to learn that I could let them float in the water and they looked perky for the first time in my life!
2. A Taiwan basket is not an urban legend. Each suite has one in the closet for your use. It is a swing that hangs from the ceiling.. Ever have a chance to try one out, try it.. they are fun.
3. Do not spend over $300 on a suite over night when you aren't feeling well... yea, staying up coughing all night just wasn't part of the original program.
4. No windows... means your body clock is completely screwed up so I thought, wow, I might be able to sleep until noon... uh yea, no.. still woke up at 8am!! Geez..
5. No sound from the outside world is actually a little scary.. I have always lived in places where there is a busy road or at least some outside noise.. no noise is eeerriiiiee...
6. Mood lighting is only there for the people who, unlike me, can sleep or stay awake for as long as they desire. Yea, only have the pool lights and the light under the bed on for the first 4 hours of our stay.. yea, I wanted to go to bed at 9am..
7. When spending over $300 for one night, sleep should be out of the question.. maybe a few little cat naps here and there, but no extended sleep. You can sleep when you get home and do it for FREE!
8. A luxurious King size bed that is super comfortable with 5 perfect pillows is the best place to sleep when you don't feel well, unfortunately for me, it was my downfall of this little adventure.
9. Surround mirrors, yes I did say surround mirrors, ceiling, walls, everywhere, offer some spice as you can spy yourself almost making your own dirty movie, however, not all angles and lighting sees you as a perfectly shaped, spray painted porn star you think you are! Yikes.. that was a reality check!!
10. Watching the news in a whirlpool tub filled with bubbles and rose petals with your husband is more relaxing than sleep.
11. Patio furniture is used much better at the bottom of the pool than sitting alone on the deck of the pool, use the imagination here readers...
12. Contacts and a cascadining waterfall don't mix... yes, the contacts quickly ruined our first really romantic 5 minutes in the pool sending me running for solution and contact case to rip them out (remember, mirrors were all around, didn't have to go far for that).
13. The last hour is the worst, you feel pressured to get everything you didn't do out of the way!
14. 2 fluffy robes = 2 people feeling like royalty quick!
15. Naked cannonballing should become a competitive sport, whoever can splash the biggest would be the winner!
16. No matter how much preparation you go through, you can always over prepare and underprepare in different areas. We brought all sorts of snacks and such so we wouldn't have to leave the room. When we got there they offered us a booklet of 20 places that delivered to the suites... we could have gotten steaks, burgers, Chinese, ice cream whatever we wanted delivered to the room, no planning required. I brought endless amounts of stuff I thought we might/could use.. yea, you and your significant other is all you need.
17. A cascading waterfall is a sure sound to put you to sleep! Mix that with the special dim mood lighting.. yea, just keep all the lights on!
18. There are surfaces that you never imagined ever having to vacuum that can be vacuumed.. yes the ceiling had the perfect circular vacuum marks exactly as the floor... hmm....
19. A steam room is not the answer to a cough.. made it worse if anything!
20. When sick and waking up to have a coughing fit at 3 am the perfect solution is the HOT TUB!

Hmm.. there are some other choice things I learned, however, most of them would be super OVERSHARING on my part..

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Guardian angels hiding out as animals....

Have you ever heard a tear jerking story about an animal that somehow saved the life of a human??? (yes another blog that beings with a question) no I'm not speaking of the infamous Lassie... Just today in the Chicago news there was a story about a 2 year old little girl that was missing overnight. She was found with her black lab near a river huddled to the dog. When they were found the rescue team had to coax the dog to let them come near the girl, the dog was trying to protect her. The little girl is fine and the dog is being held as a HERO.. I say he is a guardian angel roaming this earth as an undercover!!!

On the flip side, another story from Oklahoma in the news is about some kids blowing up 6 puppies with fireworks!! How sick is that? Why does that NOT sound like something I would like to do with my time.. what sickos.. who could actually do that to a poor defenseless puppy?? Again, back to my eye for an eye blog and doing what they did to the puppies.. only seeing as how they are much bigger than the puppies than we'll sick fireworks (quarter sticks) not only in their mouths, but in their asses as well! Seems fair!

I am feeling as if my blogs are becoming almost my hate against the worst of humanity, my way of letting it all go, of course against only people I don't know.. and of course with very few people even knowing about this blog.. not that I would care if anybody I knew read this, I was just kinda starting it for myself.. I really wanted to start the blog as it is titled.. The book I should write. I did state in an earlier blog about all the bad things have happened in my life, people are always commenting on how I should write a book.. I really should I agree.. I just have to get it in some order in my head and actually sit down and just start typing away....

Well, thanks for reading my crazy ramblings for the day.. it's just reading the news just makes me sooooo pissed at the world..... it's very sad :(

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

A small hero has died.....

Mattie Stepanek a 13 year old poet with muscular dystrophy died on Tuesday.. He wrote 5 books all poetry all stemming from his grief over his brother dying when Mattie was 3. He has 3 older siblings that have died from this same rare from of muscular dystrophy called dysautonomic mitochondrial myopathy, a genetic disease that impaired his heart rate, breathing, blood pressure and digestion, and caused muscle weakness. His first book titled Heartsongs within weeks of publishing the book reached the top of the best-seller list!! Wow, pretty impressive for a 3 year old kid!!

People like this are tiny hero's, angels if you will, sent to earth to teach the rest of us that you can fight for your life, but the time that you are here is to be spent teaching, helping, and reaching out to others. The smallest bit of good will go a long way in a strangers day. For example, I was having some big problems at work today.. I had several calls one after the other for basically 3 hours. I kept saying out loud "if this next phone call is about this or that I'm gonna just scream!"... yea, the last time I said that was when someone in a very pleasant mood called just to check up on something completely different.. upon answering the phone I must have sounded kinda upset/rude/hasty because you could tell she was trying to but the sweetness on extra thick even though there wasn't any reason for her to so. Regardless, her sweet tone, and asking simply, "How are you?" even though I would have never told her "I'm having a crappy day" was so nice.. she seemed relaxed and willing to let me simmer down just for a minute.. at the end of our conversation I told her how happy I was to hear from her because I was having a lousy day and she brightened it.. she said "anyway I can help!".. ya know.. you don't even know me and you are willing to take time out of your day to help my day! Geez.. I wish the everyone in the world was like you!!! Every person willing to take the 3 minutes out of the day to help a neighbor, friend, or even a stranger.

So back to the little boy.. I have to say that the courage and strength this 13 year old held is amazing.. I'm just wishing more and more of us could take notice to theroesttle heros' anamongl's amoutruly I truely believe that some children have old souls.. with this I mean that they have lived here on earth and if you pay close enough attention you may catch just what I mean.. Unfortunately, I feel that these kids carry that throughout their lives, but as the child gets older, they become their own selves and bury the every day wisdom of the old soul. Maybe we could tape record every minutechild'sery childs life and study it, maybe we'll have all the answers to life worked out if we could just pay attention. So next time you are waiting in line at the library or grocery store and there is a little boy or girl behind you, stop for a minute, just listen to the precious things they say, watch how they act, take some time to momenthe Heyment.. hey, you gotta wait for the person ahead of you to be done anyway!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

An eye for an eye.....

What is going on here in the world?? I'm worried that all my blogs will begin with a question.. yikes.. anyway.. I don't know if you have heard or not, but here in Chicago we have two separate occurances of a parent killing the kids, and then I read about another girl in Fla this week was found... yea 10 years old and 29lbs!!! She is still alive however, she is obviously been seriously abused. The first occurance in the Chicago area this week was Saturday morning they found the bodies of two little boys and their father in the Lake Michigan just over the boarder of Wisconsin. All three were tied together and weighted down. It has since been labled a murder/suicide. The father had been depressed over some recent financial issues. The 3 of them were reported missing 6 weeks ago. The second case has not been officially labled as of yet, however, there was a fire that started in a microwave in a kitchen.. when the firemen got there woman was outside and her two kids were found dead in the bathtub!

Okay.. so in one case here the father is dead anyway.. so we can't do anything with him.... we'll leave that up to someone else higher or lower than us to take care of him.. I mean fine, kill yourself, don't drag (litterally) your kids into your suicide mission! With the 10 year old girl in Fla.. let's take the couple who was her caregivers at the time and put them in a locked room with a paint bucket for a toliet, lock the doors, and feed them the same stuff they fed her for the last two years.. by reports it was milk, some kind of protein/vitamin shakes, and 3 spoonfuls of food a day.. that's it. So that's all they get~ but better yet.. we'll double the time that this kid suffered... 4 years! Let's see if you make it 4 years you sickos!! Lastly, the lady with the two drown kids, this has not been officially labeled yet.. so we'll just go on to the Susan Smith case... we're strapping you to a car and rolling you into a lake to die!

If this world would basically live with the thinking that you treat others how you would like to be treated would we have to watch the news night after night and see these horrific headlines??? I know this is too much to dream of but wouldn't it be terrific!!! In the words of John Lennon "Imagine if you can".

Monday, June 21, 2004

I'm a big girl...

Geez.. what are people's problems these days?? It always seems that every time I turn around there is someone else giving me advice I'm not asking for telling me what I should and shouldn't be feeling... what is up with that?? Ya think I can feel my own feelings myself??? Hmmmmm....

Hey guys thanks for help but I have to tell you, I'm gonna be more depressed over everybody telling me that I shouldn't be a happy normal person just because I have had so many hardships in my life..

Oh well.. I guess everybody wants to help each other, I know I'm always doling out free advice so I shouldn't talk.

Someday I will write a book, and Oprah.. you are not every woman.. I don't care what you say. You haven't experienced half of what normal women have experience.. granted she has had hardships, ups and downs, and gone against all odds and came out successful.. I'm not saying that I have experienced it all.. maybe I too should have my own talk show so we can sit around and talk about all my depressing subjects. Anybody want to fund my crazy idea here???