Thursday, September 02, 2004

Poopie the puppy..

Yea, so my housebreaking rrr I mean potty training with Blue is not going so well....... yesterday the dog pooped in my house on my carpet 7 times from the time I got home to the time I went to sleep.. this is not including the two times he pooped in his cage (once before I got home from work and once in the middle of the night). Needless to say during this ordeal we got into a bit of a battle that I have now figured out was a power struggle. He was trying to bite me so as usual I was telling him no and giving him one of his toys that he can chew on (he is doing great with that never chews on anything isn't suppossed to except maybe my gym shoes) anyway, he didn't like me telling him no so he kept raming me.. so I just put up my hand and the little bugger was running and head butting my hand. He would sit down, shake his head, and do it again! Yikes. So I've been yelling at him all day about pooping, now about play biting whatever, so I started reading one of my books and it said one way to show the dog that you are boss is practicing tricks and obiedience. Kewl.. He loves treats.. so I go get the treat can and we practiced sit and stay for a few minutes. After that we were in my room again playing and watching tv when he darted out of my room down the hall.. rrr okay.. he's gonna poop on the carpet AGAIN!!! GEEZ.. so I follow him.. nope the little angel pooped right in the middle of the wee wee pad.. GOOD BOY BLUE!!! So I gave him a treat and a ton of love. Because of him pooping in the house so much I was afraid he would do it again in our bed so I wouldn't let him sleep with us which meant he had to sleep in his cage. At 1 am he woke up and pooped again in his cage and whined until I let him out. I cleaned up the cage and then made a bed on the floor and slept with him on the floor with me. This morning he wouldn't pee or poop for me inside or outside, so I got really scared that he would poop in the inside of his cage all day.. oh well, I had to go to work so in the cage he went. On my way out of the house I realized he had pooped a few times again on the wee wee pads.. maybe during the night or during my shower that morning. l felt like such a bad mommy!! I didn't see him do it so he didn't get a treat.. I felt like I screwed him out of his treats he had worked so hard to earn.. lol!! Oh well.. But today is a way better story.. he pooped outside 3 times since I've been home today. I love this little guy.. I can't get enough! This weekend I am planning on bringing him with me, my mom, and sister to go out to lunch! He goes everywhere I go. I took him to Wal-mart over last weekend and Dylan carried him in his pouch the whole time... everybody wanted to play with him and pet him.. it was sooooo cute.... ahhhh *sigh*