Monday, June 27, 2011

Goodnight, Sweetheart , well, it's time to go.....

I sang this to my baby girl just minutes ago as I watched her fall into sleep.... the sound of the washer and dryer going at the same time... those sounds filled our house for the full first day of her life and have become the sounds that seem to soothe her the most on days when she needs to nap long and strong.

A year ago I was on the phone with my mom warning her that I'd been having contractions since around 7pm but they were "all over the place" funny how when I hung up the phone I did notice the last 3 times I'd written down were all exactly 10 minutes apart but I figured my luck they would peter out... and one of the ways to find out for sure if you are in labor is to sleep.... so around 12:30ish I drifted off to sleep.. only to be awaken at 3:50 by a horribly painful contraction that broke my water bag at the same time. what a whirlwind this entire year has been.. from the time I hung up the phone with my mom to go to sleep to now.. as I type this... I just can not believe this year. I want to pour out all that has happened in one year here on this blog.. I want to bang it out for the world to read, so I can keep all 365 days fresh in my mind even when I'm 80...

I find it so amusing when people say to me "enjoy it now, it goes so fast" and my retort always has something to do with "also having a 17 year old" and then they usually say "wow, I dont' have to tell you then" ummm NO YOU DON'T! lol! I've been there.. sighhhhh

Tim has off tomorrow so she'll wake up in her bed surrounded by love of both of her parents... she'll wake up in the exact spot she was born a year ago... she'll wake up and have breakfast in bed just as she's done all but 2 days of her life (2 nights my mom/Tim had to take her home when I was in the hospital)... she'll wake up and I'll say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY and she won't have a clue it's any other day except a normal day.

Happy Birthday to my sweet little angel, you've taught me so much in such a short amount of time. I'm so glad you are here.