Friday, September 14, 2007

my hair rubber band return system

Yes.. one day over 12 years ago I recieved the best invention ever.. and I got it free. This machine provides the best service a girl could ever need. Here is how it works. I go to workout and every day I pull a hair rubber band out of my work out bag. Over the years I've cycled through pastel colored ones, flat ones, round ones, plain black ones, etc. Now all I have to do it pull the band out of my hair and throw it on any counter top, one in the bathroom, kitchen, a table will work just as well.. breakfast bar.. coffee table.. whatever. Just throw it on a surface. Now during the night I will hear many sounds coming from the depths of my home and giving that our last home was over 3,000 sq feet and built in the late 1800's I normally did not hear all the noise that this machine would make over the course of a night fixing to return my precious cargo to it's intended place. In my new house, built just 4 years ago of PAPER where you can SEE through walls.. of course I hear every noise within an 8 hour span of the machine doing it's work throughout the night. The noises sounds like this... mrrrrrrrrrrwwwwwwahhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmrrrrrrrwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrrweeeehhhhhh mmmmmuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrwoooooowwwwwww it goes on hour after hour like this... sometimes it's met by my husband or I yelling from our slumber SHUT UP or actually getting up and slamming the door.. hence the machine does not like to be yelled at or locked out of any room in our house so the machine must come to make amends. Somtimes the machine will come bring you the rubber band or other object it has found to return, just to show you in good faith at 2 am that indeeds it's doing it's job. As you awake, trying to adjust your eyes in the bright morning sun you stumble down the stairs, let the dog out, turn around and low and behold THERE IT IS. My hair rubber band returned to it's place. My cat's food dish of course, that is where it belongs.. but ohhh no it does not stop there. From time to time somehow within a nights work my rubber band does not get returned to it's intended place. I've never been sure where they go UNTIL LAST NIGHT. Yes, I was looking for another item in my home and decided to pull out the stove and fridge from their tight little homes in our kitchen.. low and behold I found 28 hair rubberbands and probably 20 or so little fuzzy balls that my cat plays with! AH HA! So my free gadget isn't always perfect after all.. oh well.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

more theories

#4. Europeon people in general are horney people.. in fact in general Polish women are the horniest of the bunch. Not sure where I came up with this idea.. but we are.

#5. Polish people can not live without their dog companions. Another, I have no clue where I came up with this.. but I've decided that they just can't.

#6. Society has totally brainwashed us to think certain things and like a herd of cattle we just follow.

#7. My generation and all those to follow are set up to fail financially. My 13 year old son has a debit card. Not a credit card, but he's on his way. You walk into college the first day and you are offered many credit cards with huge limits. Of course, we take them and set ourselves up from day 1 out on our own. "we'll pay it later" uhhh huhh yeah with the equity in our houses or with 2nd jobs!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

I finally took my own advice and put my other foot down!

Ha! yes that is my stupid sense of humor kicking in.. bascially it's one of my work jokes.. I work up figures for mortgage closings, send them to a title co so they can take my numbers, the broker numbers, their numbers, etc and put them all together to come to a bottom line of what the borrower has to bring (or get back) to a closing. So the title closers will call and say "I'm having trouble balancing" and one of my comebacks is usually "did you put your other foot down, sometimes that helps" which normally is met by not only a good portion of my office roaring with laughter (I'm pretty loud people can hear me across the office, god help me in "personal matters") but either the person on the other end of the phone either snickering at me or just bluntly ignoring me because they are over the frusteration point enough to actually call me.. to which I am no help on their end.. it's bascially "here is how I balanced to my number" and I usually get the responce of "yeah I got that but I'm still off $4,000" umm yeah, you did something wrong on your end, not sure what BUT I have not one fee that is exactly that number and you have WAYYYY more fees than I have on my side PLUS every single one of these companies uses different software so depending on the type of fee and how it's paid varies. Anyway.. on to what my blog is about.. it is about balancing I swear to you.

So Friday marked the first day of my 3 day weekend ALONE with my husband with actually no plans.. for any of you who know me or have seen my calendar, not only are my weekends normally completely packed with sometimes 3 or more parties/events, but my weekdays have followed suite most of this summer as well.. having 3 days with no kids, no set in stone plans, just 3 days stretched before us.. well 4 for Tim considering he got Friday off as well. Lucky bastard. So one of the things we did plan on doing was tackling the room I'm in now.. the computer room... it has become the bowels of our financial disaster that we would love to ignore. Somehow over the years of marriage we have gone from making total peanuts and always having cash (I'm a total budget freak) to making gads and gads of ca$h not even knowing what to do with it paying every bill months before they were due to going back on the unbusy side of our businesses and not making anywhere near the amount we were accostomed to. It used to be, oh we have an extra $5,000 this month, I think we'll buy a new fence and pay cash or something of that nature.. now it's glee when we find a $1 in a jean pocket we had forgotten about.. but the situation has just completly downward spiraled to the point where we couldn't hold back our spending the way we did when we were first married and we had to go out and get a home equity loan, payoff all the credit cards, and bite the bullet. We are each *thinking* about 2nd jobs, but now with my work becoming busier again, I'm definately going to take full advantage of that. Somehow just with the home equity loan the $ stress has finally seemed to lift somewhat. We still *know* we owe the $ BUT we decided to get a few extra thousand and treat ourselves to a nice vacation before we get to the nitty gritty. So we booked ourselves a vacation to Punta Cana for $631 per person! All inclusive, air fare everything included! yes, I'm sooo the queen of cheap! lol!

Okay, so for whatever reason we were in the computer room by 8:30 yesterday morning merging the big piles into smaller piles and shredding things we didn't need. That went very well and actually much faster than I had expected. By the time we were done I realized I had a mountain of old bank statements that had never been reconciled. I used to be a whiz at this, loving to reconcile the checkbook since I was 10 and now the computerized version is so much faster and easier. So I get my mountain of papers together, but them all in order, go to my money program, open it, click balance this account.. yup it pops up with a date of NOVEMBER 2005! Okay, I knew I was behind on balancing the checkbook but that is nuts.. so of course somehow within the mountain of paper I'm missing which month???? ohhhhh yes, the month I need to start with.. as I'm wading through boxes and folders of old bank statements and what not, Tim yelling at me to just "grab it on line" umm yeah, it's not the same but of course he has no clue, he has written 5 checks in our entire marriage.. ya think he's ever balanced/reconciled a check book.. yeah not so much. So I just tell him I need it. (Okay if worse came to worse I could have done it off line, however it was the first month and in order to get started I needed that month and we currently have no printer so I'd be copying it to word so I didn't have to be on line) Okay.. now if I could just get my shit in order and actually figure out how to let my on-line bank account balance my checkbook on my computer, I'd be all good.. I know it's possible, but I am so worried the way that I set things up will not coincide with the way the bank wants to reconcile my account.. soooo anyway..

Tim finds the missing months by gods grace, thank you! Someone on the other side felt bad for him just long enough to guide him to the correct folder! lol! so I had from Nov 2005 to July 2007, I sat down, made a big cup of tea, turned on the tunes and every month only took be 5-10 minutes! I have no clue why I haven't been doing it... and really I thought I only had maybe 6 months tops to do.. So I get into it and finding for the most part I'm doing really well adding everything in, all the right $'s etc. The only thing that is wrong is that sometimes I was totally effing us by entering an atm withdrawl twice somehow, or that my automatic payment thing had shown up as paying our financial advisor twice one month (2 different amounts, the computer added 1 and I added the other but failed to realize BOTH were in there) then I had one time I put a check in the bank, never added it. We get direct deposit so it's strange for us to have to add checks.. so I added those. The only down fall where I was not taking out enough $ was a few places I missed the change by like 30 cents.. I entered a 4 instead of a 7 or something that.. nothing huge. But I get done and now we have a few extra hundred dollars I didn't know about BUT what is weird is my bank balance on line comes no where close to my new #! I don't get it. ughh well.. I just won't go overboard and spend it.

So there you have it.. I decided to take my advice and put my other foot down.. and being a LIBRA I think this whole balancing thing is very helpful to me feeing almost whole again! lol!