Monday, August 29, 2005

Do you see me, I don't!!!!

Well I've been having this issue with body image the last couple months. It's basically that it takes time for your brain to catch up with your new body and for you to see how much thinner you really are. I've maintained my goal weight for 3 weeks without counting points for journaling at all! I think that I have truely mastered the balance of food that I can eat without gaining. It's pretty awesome considering I am basically eating what I want including sweets and fast food. It's all about moderation. Well anyway, back to body image... so on the 22nd I was taking my sister for her birthday to a Cubs game. I've had my outfit planned for months. Tim had bought me a boobie shirt (pink Cubs tank top) at one of the first games he went to this season. I promised myself that by the 22nd that I would be thin enough to look SUPER in this shirt. I went out and bought a bra with clear straps to wear under it. I had planned on wearing shorts wtih it, but as the day got nearer I could see that with it being a night game I would have to wear jeans and bring a sweatshirt with me. So game day comes, I come home from work early and race around getting ready and I look in the mirror. Not only were my favorite pair of size 6 jeans that I used to wear really uncomfortable, but they came up very high on my waist to my belly button and of course, the waist on these jeans was very small and had extra room for bootie and thighs. I have NO bootie or thighs so my waist was VERY tight and my rolls were being pushed up and made me look very uncomfortable. I asked my husband if we had time to stop at Old Navy to pick up a new pair of jeans. We hurried through the store, got a few different pairs, and I raced to the dressing rooms, found an awesome pair of stretch, straight leg, low waisted jeans that I LOVE!!! whooo-hoo.. only lost 15 minutes out of our day in the process too!! I stopped at my parents house and changed and looked at myself in the mirror and wasn't totally satisfied but felt much better and much more comfortable! (the old jeans were actually make red marks on my belly). Anyway, over the weekend I was at my mom's house helping her with her garage sale and she is telling my aunt the story about me in the mirror and it was sooooo funny the way that she told the story. I was laughing sooo hard and my aunt was hysterically laughing! It was great. So I guess others see me, but I don't!!!

Saturday, August 06, 2005


WOW, TODAY I MET GOAL, AND I THINK I'M STILL IN SHOCK BECAUSE I'M NO WHERE NEAR AS EXCITED AS I THOUGHT I'D BE. We'll anyway, it took me 2 months past my goal date to get to goal, but here I am FINALLY!!