Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Shopping for a baby...

My husband has finally agreed to let me have a baby of my own... a puppy!!!  I want a tiny teacup chihuahua so I'm off and running searching the net for my babe!!  Next time you'll see me I'll have my little love bug attached to me at the chest or in my purse peeking his/her little face out for everyone to love!!  Stay tuned for details.....

Friday, July 16, 2004

The war of the home improvement stores!!!

Well.. in my last post I mentioned going to buy a fire pit.. well.. This is something that SHOULD HAVE taken ohhhh maybe an hour.. plus returning two things to another home improvement store and grocery shopping.  They are all on the same street so they are all close.. Okay.. so we start the day (moving very slow I got a pretty bad sunburn at the pool the other day, so I'm a little tired and hurting) around 11am we leave the house.  We drive to the new Lowes by our house.  I have never been to one so I figured they would have the fire pit of my dreams.  I am imagining this huge store with one HUGE section of just fire pits.. yea, 4.  All pretty much the same as every other store.. one round, one square, one on wheels, one you can hook up to a gas propane tank to start it, one fire place... okay.  ALL TOTALLY INSANELY PRICED.. yea, forget it.. next store.. okay.. Sears.. 1 fire pit.. OUTRAGEOUSLY PRICED.. yea, next store.. Home Depot.. Okay, I know they got at least a few... yea, 3 months ago they did, now they only have one little stack of all the same one.. a big round one.. and again.. big price tag.  Okay.. next store.. Meijer.. Okay.. they have two.  One small one for $79 (I wanted to spend like $50) and a large round one on wheels for $99.  Fine boys, go to the storage shed and pull me out a large one! Okay.. dooo dooo dooo dooo dooo dooo do duh duh duh duh ta ta ta ta ta do do do ddo do do...... yea, 20 min later they return with a small one.. okay forget it, we'll take the small one.. oh yea, let's do our back to school shopping (Dylan goes back to school July 26th, year round school rocks except I'm missing all the good back to school sales by a month) Okay. So $140 later we leave with my beloved FIRE PIT and around $60 in school supplies.. school supplies have sure gotten friggin expensive.. Okay the time is now 12:45... I'm hungry my son is thirsty.. okay where do you want to go.. there is every restaurant known to man on this one strip... okay let's go to White Castle.. whatever.. I'm hungry could care less.. ohhh wooops there's a Burger King.. Kid loves Booggar Sling, gotta go there.. Okay, it's closer.. cool.. HE WINS.  Nice..  So we eat.. Now I'm really really tired.. It's now 1:15.. okay.. on to Menards.. (right next to my grocery store, but down the road around 3 miles plus construction from all the other places we went to first).  We return a screen door that was too big and a solar light we bought that already broke.  Okay, lets get the new screen door and oooohhhh lookey there... MENARDS still has a HUGE HUGE HUGE selection of FIRE PITS.. and oh... look how cheap they all are... DAMN IT.  Of course the one I originally wanted a month ago is still  here, $10 cheaper, but I could have bought the friggin thing a month ago and been doing better things with my child than dragging him to every HOME IMPROVEMENT store around!  Okay.. so we buy the door and the fire pit.. okay.. now do we go to the grocery store next door then take the first fire pit back on our way home, or do we just go back to Meijer where I can do my grocery shopping for a little more $$ and return the fire pit.. Yes, Okay.. just do that.  We'll go to Meijer.. OKay.. return the fire pit get back $85.12 in cash.. do the grocery shopping, go to pay, mental note, need cash for the way home.. oh yea, they just gave me $85.12 and it costs $40 to fill the tank, plus money for Tim's poker night.. ok... Yea, your total is $85.35!!! Geez, I have not additional cash on me.... so I had to write ANOTHER check for the day.  Tim's entire week check is now blown on school supplies, a new door, a fire pit, gas, poker night, a few groceries needed for our block party bbq, go carting today, and a lunch BOOGGER SLING.  Nice..oh yea, time on return to home.. 3:10pm.. now what the hell took me so long to get a fire pit, grocery shop, eat lunch, and stop for gas.. geez!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

A week with my son...

I have this week off and am spending it with my son!! Yeahhhhh!!! I love just hanging out with my son.. so far all we've done is gone to a movie, went to the pool, hung out with my sister and nephews. Today we are going shopping for my beloved fire pit I've wanted for years! lol!! I can't wait. Tomorrow we are going go cart racing with my husband. He took a day off so he could go play poker at a friends house tonight..hmm... nice..

Not much to report.. I've been sleeping in this week, so I think that I am finally beating this whooping cough crap. I'm not coughing as much. It's been nice because I can actually take the night time cough syrup and sleep and sleep. Sleep is good for me.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Wow, this summer has been super fantasic... lots of really really good days with low temps not too hot.. I guess that mean we are in for a hot August, September, and October and by January it might get down to 20 degrees... and by May it will be 20 below zero.. this is the way Chicago works.. never the same every year. This year we have gotten so much rain that we have been having flash floods!! We also have had a few really big tornadoes, and now even an earthquake. Too funny though because the earthquake was felt by everybody in our subdivision except me! My husband said even if he had felt it he would have thought it was me snoring. Nice guy huh?? Well back to the topic, tonight was especially perfect, blue sky, white puffy clouds here and there, a good breeze. My husband and I walked around our subdivision visiting with neighbors that we haven't seen since our cooping up during the long winter. It's so nice to see our subdivision finally becoming a neighborhood. We moved in last year it was just a few people on our street and one other completed street and then another street that was just started. There was never anyone around. This spring, out came all the kids, the people roller bladding, biking, walking alone, with babies/kids, friends, family, and dogs. The neighborhood dogs are what link us. You always say to people you know Mic the dog, and EVERYBODY knows the dog.. but the owner... uh what is his name?? lol!!! It's all too funny...

Well I'm hoping to get some test results tomorrow. I called and they said the results haven't been looked at yet.. hmm... can't you just read them to me.. hmm.. maybe I have more than Whooping Cough because they said the DR would call me back with the results later in the day... no call.. geez.. this DRS office is one that you gotta ride. There is a BBQ in our subdivision tomorrow and I'm looking forward to that. Just hanging out.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The big WC aka Typhoid Mary......

Okay.. well I've made some mentions in my last post as to being sick. Well as it turns out I have Whopping Cough.. Tim has named me the big WC and a neighbor calls me Typhoid Mary.. Nice huh?? Yes. I went to the dr and he told me I had bronchitis, gave me a presciption, and shooed me out the door (thanks for the $25 copay have a nice day). 4 days later not only did I feel the same, but sometimes worse. I didn't think that I had ANY symptoms of bronchitis so I called the dr. The nurse said that he would call back during the day. Waiting.. waiting... waiting... nothing.. called back at 5pm and the answering service answers and says that they make all their call backs between 5 and 6pm. Okay cool.. yea, eating dinner at 6:30pm.. no call back!! Geez. Up all night coughing 3 nights in a row, calling in to work sick 2 days in a row while we are understaffed due to 2 weddings in our office on the same day, I go back to work and start talking to another co-worker that is coughing up a lung. She tells me she took her two boys to the dr the day before and the dr told he whooping cough is going around and to be careful etc... Okay... let's look up whooping cough on the net.. hmmm.... wow... sounds like me... you feel fine most of the time EXCEPT when you are coughing and not breathing! I call the dr again, freaking out because my son can't have the vaccination for whooping cough because it causes seizures, and the nurse schedules me another appointment for that day. Okay, so I walk in and the nurse tells me that there has been 3 other cases just that week in their office. The doctor orders a blood test (which the results won't be back in for 7 days) gives me several new prescriptions plus extends my antibiotics for another 4 days. Okay, so now I tote around antibiotics, day time cough medicine, and 2 inhalers. I also have night time cough medicine which I feel makes me worse. The doctor said I caught it early and hopefully I won't go into a the full blown second phase which is the worst part of the illness, however, upon waking up this morning every time I coughed my throat would close up and I was gasping for air.... given the whooping cough is officially here. RRRRR... the illness can last up to 3 months and even after that you are super susceptible to other illnesses including colds, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Yea, nice.. this is gonna be a long summer!

Monday, July 05, 2004

The things I learned at SYBARIS...

For those of you who don't know what Sybaris is... well... we'll just say it's a special EXPENSIVE haven for couples... Yea, they have suites that are little cottages and they all have special pluses. There is no phone in any suite, no windows (so you never know what time it is), I believe that each cottage is sound proof (never heard a peep from the outside world), there is a TV, VCR, DVD player, Stereo, 2 fluffy robes, and a King size bed with 5 pillows in each cottage. You can book a suite for a 4, 5, or 6 hours mini getaway or overnight. Okay, so the cheapest suite is a whirlpool suite.. just a bed with a whirlpool bathtub in the room. Next is the Deluxe Whirlpool which also includes a steam shower in the room. Then is the Original Swimming Pool that has a pool, hot tub and a steam shower in the room. Next up is the Deluxe Swimming Pool that is the same as the Original Swimming Pool suite but it also has a whirlpool tub in the main bedroom as well. Lastly is the best of course, the Chalet... complete 3 level cottage has a slide that goes from the upper level down to the pool, a garage with remote opener, and all the amendities of the Deluxe Swimming Pool suite all for the low low price of $500+ per night. to check out the suites with prices. Depending on what day of the week you go, what coupons and specials you take advantage of plus adding in the price of a membership that you must pay for to go to Sybaris, your stay could run you anywhere from $100-$700.

Anyway, my husband and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on Saturday by renting one of these cottages. We picked the Deluxe Swimming pool suite.. so on our little 22 hour adventure (we got there early 5pm and had a free coupon for late check out the next day so we stayed until 3 pm Sunday) I learned some crazy things....

1. Even the biggest of boobs float in water with out a swim suit on. I've never skinny dipped before so I was fascinated to learn that I could let them float in the water and they looked perky for the first time in my life!
2. A Taiwan basket is not an urban legend. Each suite has one in the closet for your use. It is a swing that hangs from the ceiling.. Ever have a chance to try one out, try it.. they are fun.
3. Do not spend over $300 on a suite over night when you aren't feeling well... yea, staying up coughing all night just wasn't part of the original program.
4. No windows... means your body clock is completely screwed up so I thought, wow, I might be able to sleep until noon... uh yea, no.. still woke up at 8am!! Geez..
5. No sound from the outside world is actually a little scary.. I have always lived in places where there is a busy road or at least some outside noise.. no noise is eeerriiiiee...
6. Mood lighting is only there for the people who, unlike me, can sleep or stay awake for as long as they desire. Yea, only have the pool lights and the light under the bed on for the first 4 hours of our stay.. yea, I wanted to go to bed at 9am..
7. When spending over $300 for one night, sleep should be out of the question.. maybe a few little cat naps here and there, but no extended sleep. You can sleep when you get home and do it for FREE!
8. A luxurious King size bed that is super comfortable with 5 perfect pillows is the best place to sleep when you don't feel well, unfortunately for me, it was my downfall of this little adventure.
9. Surround mirrors, yes I did say surround mirrors, ceiling, walls, everywhere, offer some spice as you can spy yourself almost making your own dirty movie, however, not all angles and lighting sees you as a perfectly shaped, spray painted porn star you think you are! Yikes.. that was a reality check!!
10. Watching the news in a whirlpool tub filled with bubbles and rose petals with your husband is more relaxing than sleep.
11. Patio furniture is used much better at the bottom of the pool than sitting alone on the deck of the pool, use the imagination here readers...
12. Contacts and a cascadining waterfall don't mix... yes, the contacts quickly ruined our first really romantic 5 minutes in the pool sending me running for solution and contact case to rip them out (remember, mirrors were all around, didn't have to go far for that).
13. The last hour is the worst, you feel pressured to get everything you didn't do out of the way!
14. 2 fluffy robes = 2 people feeling like royalty quick!
15. Naked cannonballing should become a competitive sport, whoever can splash the biggest would be the winner!
16. No matter how much preparation you go through, you can always over prepare and underprepare in different areas. We brought all sorts of snacks and such so we wouldn't have to leave the room. When we got there they offered us a booklet of 20 places that delivered to the suites... we could have gotten steaks, burgers, Chinese, ice cream whatever we wanted delivered to the room, no planning required. I brought endless amounts of stuff I thought we might/could use.. yea, you and your significant other is all you need.
17. A cascading waterfall is a sure sound to put you to sleep! Mix that with the special dim mood lighting.. yea, just keep all the lights on!
18. There are surfaces that you never imagined ever having to vacuum that can be vacuumed.. yes the ceiling had the perfect circular vacuum marks exactly as the floor... hmm....
19. A steam room is not the answer to a cough.. made it worse if anything!
20. When sick and waking up to have a coughing fit at 3 am the perfect solution is the HOT TUB!

Hmm.. there are some other choice things I learned, however, most of them would be super OVERSHARING on my part..