Wednesday, December 20, 2006

haven't run at all since the 8th, my new lQQk, and my husbands balls belong in a vice

yes, there it is.. I was off for 9 days... got very little accomplished including having my IUD put in which I really needed the time off to do.. but of course every time I called the office assured me once I got my now 2 week late period that 17 pregnancy tests confirmed was still on it's way that I could be squeezed in between 2 appointments.. "it won't take long" but sure as shit, I'm peeing on the stick and bleeding at the same time on Friday morning, ran to call the drs office and of course.. Tuesday at 2:15.. UMM NO I've explained my situation several times and you assured me I could be squeezed in. I'm off all day today and tomorrow, I can come in any time.. did someone cancel.. "nope people don't call to cancel until after their appt was suppossed to happen" UMM YEAH THAT'S BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE RETARDS AND DON'T CALL THE DAY BEFORE TO REMIND PEOPLE OF THEIR APPOINTMENTS THAT THEY HAVE TO MAKE 3 MONTHS IN ADVANCE THAT THEY ALL PROBABLY FORGET ABOUT! ASSHOLES. okay.. anyway. so I never go to the gym not once during those 9 days.. then Monday night I was going to go and wound up working late and not being able to go, yesterday I had the blasted IUD appointment. After that I called my husband told him I was putting his ball in a vice then grabbing an old rusty wire hanger and shoving it up his dick hole and spinning it once every 3-4 seconds.

OKAY and on to my new lQQk, I saw a pic of Cameron Diaz and she has her hair super dark brown red tone with about the same cut as me.. so one Friday night I went over to Theresa's and Steph came over and did all of our hair. I like it.. Tim doesn't.. not for sure how many people like it but it's either you love it or you hate it... there is no in between with this color.