Sunday, May 15, 2005

29.4 lbs... almost at a 30lb loss!!

Well... got back from my trip to AZ and I didn't too as well as I planned on my trip. I've kind of extended my vacation until next Monday just to give myself some extra time to reacclamate myself. I weighed in this am and I'm at 156.8 which means I did lose weight on my trip. Not much.. but it's a loss... well.. looking back at my last post it seems that I've not even lost 5 full lbs this month.. oh well.. I'll be at 150 before I know it!! whoo-hoo for me.. I can't believe how fast the weight falls off.. and I've not even tried this week and I'm still losing.. I'm going to get back on track Monday and get myself to 150 ASAP!!