Sunday, November 20, 2005

Groundhog day came early for me this season!


After buying those few outfits for myself at NY & Co and some new jeans I finally get to feel fun, thin, sexy every day. Those 2 extra pairs of jeans really helped because now there isn't really a day that I'm wearing my old baggies around. So I'm feeling like a groundhog where I used to come out and even though I was thinner I was seeing myself with this bigger shadow. Now I'm starting to see what I look like now. It's really cool because I'll be working out and catch a glimpse in the mirror of myself and get really impressed with myself and my new shape. It's really an eye opening experience! I love it. I now LOVE LOVE LOVE clothes shopping and even yesterday at Wal-Mart I was checking out tops and stuff.

I started counting points again last Friday because I really need to get these lbs off. I was back down to 150, then yesterday morning I weighed in at LWE and was back up at 153.6. I know on Friday I didn't do so good, food day at work, plus cake, plus American/Mexican buffett for dinner, PLUS not drinking enough water. Then yesterday sort of the same. Good breakfast, okay lunch, Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. I did work out so that helps. I think I drank enough water yesterday though.

Went on a Road Rally with Michelle last night. That was fun. Had a headache by the end though!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

2 days of GLORY for me!!

Well yesterday I had off for Veterans day and I decided to go to Woodfield to use my Woodfield gift cert from Christmas last year and my New York and Company gift card Wendy got me for my birthday. I was only in the mall for about an hour and half, I bought Tim 2 new pairs of jeans at JcPenney, then I went to NY & Co and had a blast. I had so much fun shopping. I got two pairs of jeans one size 6, one size 8, and two pairs of guacho's which I love with boots and 3 sweaters/tops that I love. Each outfit makes me feel completely adorable/sexy/thin! My sister called me while I was working out to tell me that Michael left her another note and she wanted to go drinking with the girls. So my sister, my cousin Heather, two of my sisters nursing school friends, and myself went out to Gators to have a "few" drinks. Had a good time just hanging out AND I got to show off one of my new outfits! :)

Then today, took Blue to his puppy play date in the morning, didn't have time to get his nails cut so just now I decided to try to do it myself.... AND after much fighting he finally layed down and just let me do it! I had a little parade for him after the whole "good boy" parade! Hey, that's gonna save me $12 each time!