Sunday, October 28, 2007

The war on credit card debt AKA the 2nd jobs we took on to pay off our debt

Soooooo Tim and I started our new 2nd jobs this week.. wow what a disaster my first 2 nights were... all totalled I wound up only making around $50 in tips. The first night I just shadowed another waitress who conviently was leaving for the Phillapines for 3 weeks... I was told later that they do that pretty often.. basically wait until the last minute to hire people. anyway.. so here I am on my first day without someone showing me how to do everything and basically taking the bull by the horns. I basically don't know how to anything.. never waitressed a day in my life... my swipe card got activated wrong, therefore I had many screw ups including the kitchen not getting a few of my orders, one of my orders taking 40 minutes that consisted of chili and nachos, my computer freezing when said customers who had to wait 40 minutes for chili used a credit card to pay for their bill, among a slew of other things happening and then it got dead and I caught up and it wasn't so bad! lol! go figure. My first night my feet and back where hurting within minutes. I couldn't imagine having to wait until 1 am to go home but I finally made it through. The 2nd night I had bought new shoes and was definately in better shape and had also brought advil in case my back started hurting.. which it did promptly an hour before closing, but I had bought Tylenol PM to take when I got home so I could sleep..

Okay.. other than all that.. all in all the job isn't too bad. I'm liking it. I guess if I had gone to work for any other retail type establishment I wouldn't be making tips or anything so if I bring home $40 per night on top of my hourly pay.. it's not taht bad.. now Tim.. he's got the good job.. jerk! lol!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

they walk among us.. AKA Assholes of America

My cousin Heather was a blogging fiend up until oh.. this year when her 3rd child was born.. now you are lucky to see a blog maybe once a month and it's usually a little blurb, nothing like before when she had more time to write and write. Anyway, she started blogging and posting pictures of Assholes of America. For example, once at Costco with her 3 young children a women selling VitaMix actually left a knife out on a table. How dangerous is that? Then she had the nerve to get mad at the kids for trying to put their hands up on the table to get whatever was up there. They obviously thought there was either something to play with or food up there.

Okay.. so of course I don't travel with my camera as my cousin does (she's got 3 under 6 so she's gotta capture every cute stunt they perform ya know). So the story goes like this. I'm driving to work this morning and I come up to the top of this steep hill where there is just 3 lanes. One going west, one turn lane to turn south, and one lane coming from the oppossite direction going east. So I'm in the turn lane waiting for the arrow. All of a sudden I notice the little light at the top of the light had turned on and it flashing... a cop???? an ambulance??? a firetruck???? I don't hear it... where is it... ohhhh yes coming up the steep hill right behind me a fire engine... lights blaring, full siren, honking like mad.. now the light has turned green and the traffic from the west coming east toward me of course has started coming right on through as if there wasn't a problem.. but better yet someone in the front of the line decides to completely stop, the people in the lane to the right of me refuse to move forward, and of course there she is MISS SHINING I WILL NOT BREAK A SINGLE LAW AND MOVE right the fuck in front of me.. so of course the fire engine is right up my ass where he should be attempting to get through. I'm honking, the fire engine is honking, everyone is yelling out their windows at MISS MORON to move her fucking ass.. but of course she won't make the left even though traffic is totally stopped and we have the green.. JUST FUCKING GO. We sat like that long enough that I probably could have gotten out of the car, walked to a printing press, had an invitation to move her fucking car now before I or the firemen behind me stuck the firetruck up her ass mad up, walked back and handed it to her polietly before the fucking bitch decides to move up.. she moved up exactly a foot.. OOOOOHHHHH YES A FUCKING FIRE TRUCK CAN GET THROUGH WITH AN EXTRA FOOT.. YES I FORGOT.. IT WAS A MATCHBOX SIZE FIRE TRUCK or one of those fire trucks that actually folds down as it glides through traffic.. ya know the ones in futuristic movies THAT DON'T FUCKING EXIST. yeah.. so finally after a few minutes and enough honking and yelling out the window she finally makes the left.. then carefully puts on her right turn signal and gets in the right lane and stops.. thanks fuck nut.. I drove around her ass then moved over glaring at her as I sped past her.. so she wins the award for the day of THEY WALK AMONGST US.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Friday, October 12, 2007

when life hands you ducks, make turducken...

sooo yes. today marks that day that Blue actually made a new friend.. WITH A DUCK! of course, my dumb dog has to bring a DUCK back into my home.. I just don't get it.. no he can't bring the winning lottery ticket or save Timmy from the well.. but he can bring in a domestic duck! ughhh soooo not good.. I have to wait to see what the wildlife guy says when he comes to see him. I do have pictures which I will post later.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My husband whisked me away to Punta Cana for my GASP 31st birthday...this is how it went....

Happy birthday to me...

Okay so this year we decided to take a vacation so we searched on line and found the best value was a package for $631 per person which included all the food/drinks you can handle, airfare, transfers, you name it to Punta Cana. So I picked my birthday to my mom’s birthday which just happened to have a really cheap price. So yesterday was my 31st birthday and will go down as probably my worst one yet.. First of all I went to work on Monday and the first thing that happens is that we find out that 3 of our branches are being closed down AND that we are laying off 3 people from our branch. Just wonderful... I was not one of the people but I have to admit, the sweet package they got sounded pretty sweet considering I would have been paid until Nov 30th, then collected my vacation time, then gotten 2 weeks pay for every year of service.. so I would have been taken care of through May! How awesome would that have been.. not sure if it would have been good or bad.. but I am glad in the long run it wasn’t me.. so then for whatever reason I was procrastinating packing.. not sure why.. just didn’t really want to do it.. so finally at 8:30pm on Monday night I finally get going on paying bills, packing, running to walgreens, writing a few emails, clean up the house and what not.. so midnight comes and goes and I realize that I have to be up at 4am to take a neighbors cat out, shower, walk my dog, etc So we get to the air port around 5:30am get through checking in, putting in our bags, security.. eat some breakfast, get on plane #1. Land in Puerto Rico, get off the plane, have no clue where to go.. we finally found our way, got a bite to eat ($9 for a ham sandwich and a water bottle) then was shuttled out to our puddle jumper plane. It actually had props on it! I was amazed and Tim actually thought it was amusing to try to fuck with me and tell me horror stories and how scary those planes are.. it was totally fine.. we get to Punta Cana are walked off the plane and taken to the customs area with the baggage claim.. got our bags, got in our van with our driver and off we went.. finally at the hotel we got some room service, unpacked, walked around the resort, got some dinner.. then realized that we got american channels so of course I wanted to see Biggest Loser.. it wasn’t on until 8:30 here.. then I tried to fall asleep after it was over.. umm yeah.. not so much.. they were having a show not far from our building and it was LOUD!! ughh Tim is totally passed out (again.. the night before his head hit the pillow and he was out and I was up until after 2 and my mom called me at 3:45 so I was going on an hour and half of sleep which doesn’t jive with me.. ) anyway.. so I’m exhausted, can’t sleep, now I’m watching tv again trying to fall asleep in this HARD ASS BED and the air doesn’t really make it cool in the room.. so I’m hot, sleeping naked in a weird bed, etc.. okay, so Tim finally wakes up to yell at me to turn off the tv and now I’m in tears that I’m exhausted, can’t sleep because of the noise, the heat, the bed, and it’s my birthday to top it all off.. so Tim is apologizing all over the place and trying to get me to calm down and just try to go to bed.. so I put on my mp3 player and start listening to some music.. eventually I fall asleep of course until Kelly Clarkson was bellowing IT’S LIKE I CAN’T BBBRRRRRRREEEAAAATTHHHHHHHHHH.. so begins another day on vacation.. uggh I hate traveling but I always enjoy the days between!


soooooo we didn’t wake up this morning until almost 11am... breakfast ends at 10:30 and they have continental breakfast until 11:30 but instead we ordered room service. then we decided to get our suits on and head to the beach.. we found the beach grill which was open as soon as we got down there until after we left.. we had a great time at the beach feeding the fish, reading our books, eating nachos and french fries, and just hanging out.. it was relaxing just hanging out... we saw a ton of ladies topless so now I’m wishing I had brought my 2 piece suit.. I may have to check out the little shops here to see what I can find... not normally a 2 piece girl.. but the idea of sunbathing topless is appealing for once in my life... back at the room we found it was too late for lunch and too early for the beach bbq tonight.. ughhh so we’re hanging out watching tv.. oh well.. maybe I’ll go down and get some internet time and check some emails.


we finally saw animals today! some guy at the beach had a bird and later a huge iguana he was taking pictures of people holding.. it was sorta cool.. we didn’t do it.. but we also encountered a stray dog on the beach today... looks like a really small lab mix. He was blond and really weary of humans. I tried several times to feed him and of course he wanted nothing to do with me... then later we realized the pigeons were really into my french fries so I threw them a bunch.. they had fun with those.. got yet another beach towel today.. the one I got the first day really moldy smelling, then I got one that was moldy and sweaty smelling.. this one seems okay so far !!

Okay.. list of things to bring on next all inclusive vacation. Your own beach towels, a big mug to fill with beer... I think that’s all we have thought of so far.

Tonight is Dominician night.. so we get to taste their food.. we’ll see how this goes.. oh yeah today we found the beach garden that is open around the clock with basic food.. what is funny is some of the food that is served there is also served at the beach bbq which is not 50 feet from each other! go figure! okay.. that’s it for today.


It’s raining outside and I can’t go out and play.. well not if you are Tim and there is a swim up bar that you can drink at and hang out with another couple who braved the wet stay and drink.. ughhh not so much fun.. started the day going to breakfast.. on our way out Tim found a little hut that wasn’t occupied so I sat my fat arse down under it and he went and changed clothes and then we swapped.. NOTE FOR NEXT VACATION: BRING A BEACH BAG SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO BACK TO THE ROOM AND DON’T HAVE TO CARRY CRAP ALL OVER THE EFFING RESORT.. OH YEA.. BRING PLENTY OF PENS, BOOKS, AND AN ALARM CLOCK AS WELL.. go figure the one hotel that doesn’t have clocks ANYWHERE! really annoying.. you have to turn on the tv to figure out what time it could be or your cell phone which is totally annoying.. well today was the first day with sun so we figured that we would spend the day at the pool.. yeah until the thunder started and not long after that rain, more rain, heavy rain, more rain, and still it rains.. I watched a couple movies on tv, finished my book, walked the stores, ate lunch, now we are getting ready to go out to dinner... fun.. until tomorrow...

another slightly sunny day.. at the pool
another morning filled with sunlight only to elude us and turn into a dreary cloudy day.. it was still quite warm so we sat at the adult pool for a few hours and then later at the main pool. Met two different groups of people from canada.. they paid soooo much more for their trips, so I’m feeling excited that we got such a great deal. Had our pictures taken with this little tiny monkey.. only to look at the finished pictures and realize we both look really fat.. ughhh I *****almost*’***** can’t wait to get back on Weight Watchers!! ha! Had a run in with the dinner reservation dude.. stood in line from 9:45 to 10:03 when he told the entire line of people “too late I can’t make any more reservations see you between 4-6pm tonight”FUCKER went to the front desk, told them we were pissed so the coceriege dude continued making dinner reservationsl it took another 1/2 hour but we finally got in at the Italian Restaurant again tonight.. we have like 3 hours until then. Tim found a tiny little crab at the pool today so I took it down to the shore.. other than that.. totally uneventful day at the pool.

as they always say... Monday Monday can’t trust that day!

ughhh yes so here it is our last day here.. I just went to meet with our vacation rep and he told me I have to be downstairs ready to go before 11:15am tomorrow... our flight doesn’t leave until 4pm so I was pretty shocked. I guess the are asking for at least 3 to 3 1/2 at the airport.. ughhhh effin wonderful. So I feel as if they are taking a few precious hours from me.. but what can I do? Checkout is at noon anyhow.. so I guess it works out okay..

just a tid bit of information on my day today.. as usual I couldn’t con Tim out from the bar to go eat lunch so as usual I said I’m going to the bathroom and then I’ll be over at the buffett.. he normally follows right behind me before I finish my salad or first plate of food he’s heading over to our table plate full in hand. So I’m sitting there digging into my salad when my mind goes totally blank and I start thinking about my cousin Heather and Tim’s god daughter (Heathers daughter) Irina. So I’m thinking OMG she’s almost 8 months.. I’m recounting on my fingers under the table making sure my math is correct considering I always go off of April and October at 6 month guages... so then I start thinking why the heyyyylll and I suddenly thinking about Heather... true I think about her from time to time and actually just earlier today I had been talking about her husband to another guest here at the resort... but why this minute..... hmmm.... wow.. they sure are playing a lot of US ENGLISH songs today... hmmmm weird.. wonder why I was thinking about her... this salad is pretty good.. ughh I forgot the effing cheese... oh crap, there’s Tim.. wow I thought I was getting stood up.... hmmm ughhhh DUH they are playing Heather & Mike’s wedding dance song.. The Power of Love by Celine.. I know I know.. Heather herself has professed her reasoning for not seeing Titanic at the theaters due to Celines WAIL but there it was.. another moment in time I just etched in.. weird huh? lol!

Okay.. I have to wake my passed out drunkered husband up now so we can go to dinner.. we actually found a place we love here.. yumm..

Miami airport sucks...

thats all I have to say.. yes dirty, gross, totally insane.. they walk you a mile in a circle to go to almost the same place... really weird.. okay.. our flight is boarding.

we missed good weather in chicago.. of course.. my luck..