Sunday, June 01, 2008


FREE TABLE TAKE IT, is what the table read sitting on the cub on a street that I rarely walk my dog down.. for some reason last night he wanted to walk around the block instead of on the path.. whatever little man it's your walk.. let's go. My husband was gone for the night at a impromtu bachelor bbq party, I had just gotten back from biking up to Crystal Lake to get some ice cream. The sun was setting, the air was cooling.. it was a great time for a walk.. not to mention the hottie construction type guy fishing on my lake within sight of my back door.. so we walked around and I come upon this table. It actually made me laugh out loud because I had been yelling at Tim all day to "go borrow a table" for my sons graduation dinner party tonight.

I laughed because it's strange, I've heard time and time again that sometimes things you need just come to you exactly when you need them.. even dumb things you could have easily borrowed from another neighbor. For me the past few months I've experienced this for myself over and over.

For example, Tim and I needed just additional "spending money" for necessities.. gas/food in order to pay off our debt in full.. I kept crunching the numbers and no matter how I played it I figured we would have to wait at least another 10 days for another paycheck to come in so we could afford to live. We went out to dinner with Tim's parents and there they were... Handed across the table as if to say "this is what you've been waiting for" although Tim's parents had no clue what they were worth to us until the following morning when I called his mom SHRIEKING because we paid off our debt. When his dad handed them to us he actually said "maybe this will bump you up 6 hours" with a chuckle.

The savings bonds face worth $25 and $50 respectively wound up being worth over $400! Now that is some spending cash! Tim did not even want to turn them in, but he did in the name of getting rid of the debt we had accumulated together.

So there it is.. proof to myself once again that sometimes you just have to stop and wait, it will come to you.. no matter what the situation there is a way out.