Monday, October 30, 2006

up UP & AWAY...

ughh my 30th birthday totally fucked me.. really it did.. I gained back a ton of weight, I can't even say how much for sure becuase I was down to 141 on my scale at home (nekkid in the morning) and I weighed in last Monday the 23rd and was up to 151.4... only .6 of a lb away from having to pay. I *was* thinking about going that night.. GOOD THING I DIDN'T... geez.. so back on the wagon I got and the scale has been creeping down s-l-o-w-l-y! ughh totally frusterating. I didn't weigh in Saturday morning because I had eaten bad on Friday night so we'll see what next Saturday morning brings.. ughh not so good either, considering I'll be getting my period that week.. well anyway.. I'm back on the wagon and planning my way through the holidays...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

running with my son

I took Thurs/Fri off last week and Mon/Tue off this week to hang out with Dylan because he is off of school. I planned his catscan & braces appts but I really wanted to just hang out with him. As always we really haven't done much. Yesterday we went to a movie, made his fav chicken parm for dinner, then went to the gym together. As we were on the treadmills running together I realized I never really worked out with my parents. I think I'm making some changes for him by working out with him.

Monday, October 23, 2006

back to the freakin drawing board.....

Okay not fun... a month ago exactly today I weighed in at 144 fully clothed etc at WW.. yeah umm today... 151.4! I would have had to pay if I had been 152, there goes my little cushion straight to hell in a handbasket because of my freakin 30th birthday! yikes.. turning 30 sucks! lol! Nahhh turning 30 was cool, Timmy threw me a surprise party for family/friends which got wrecked EXACTLY 24 hours before the party... one of Tim's (now) ex-buddies called me to ask why I was ticked at him and why he didn't get an invite to my birthday party.. f'in ass!

Heather, here is the PORSCHE 1978 928