Wednesday, June 28, 2006

ahh not there yet.. and it's CARMALITA'S NIGHT

Got on the scale this am and it looks to be either a high 141 or 142. Okay.. I'm getting there.. couldn't drag my arse out of bed this morning... I guess all that running and walking yesterday did me in. We also had a thunderstorm around 5am that woke Tim up so he could go do some laundry... yeah, let's make more noise at 5am.. whatever.

Anyway tonight is CARMALITA'S NIGHT.. the night of pig fest for me!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

waiting for the sweet numbers 140 to pop up on that scale.....

ONE OF THESE DAYS, I'm going to hop up on that scale and the heavens will open up and there it will be... the angels will sing, harps will be harping, the whole nine yards.. and there it will be the real deal, not because I ate too many sugar free jelly beans, but because I literally worked my arse off. All the walking, running, circuit training, workout dvds, every carrott and spaghetti squash, will all add up to that one small number..... and then it will be the day of splurging... every Baker's Square within in the state of Illinois and maybe any in western Indiana and southern Wisconsin better put their French Silks in storage, spit on them, sell them all before I get there... because I'm eating them all... and then I will be 150lbs once again. Good WW attitude.. sure! ahhh not!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

MOLTITOL IS EVIL and Running is kicking my ARSE!

I went to Tim's grandparents house for Fathers day and wound up having a Dumb and Dumber scene relived within my own body. I ate some sugar free jelly belly's that had maltitol in them that is basically a laxative.. horrible evil stuff. I lost 3 lbs and was VERY weak after that, had to take Monday off, couldn't even sit at the computer without getting tired. Yucko!

I biked Monday night (I was feeling better) and ran on Tuesday morning, then I was too exhausted Wednesday morning to go work out but then I went to PUMP IT UP for Sam's birthday party and jumped around with the kids and hoola hooped for awhile too. I went and ran again today but it was a TOUGH mile to run. I was really working it to get there. Eventually I made it. I was reading the couch to 5k today. I guess I should have started with that, but it takes 2 months. Not sure how long it will take me to get up to 5k but that's okay. I'll take my time.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Another one bites the dust, 145.8 my lowest weight!

Whoo-hooo after biking Monday, walking Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, plus running/walking at the gym Thursday & Friday I've lost another lb AND it's my week before TOM. I haven't lost weight the week before TOM since before starting bc! whoo-hoo. Ran another mile and almost a half on Thursday, then today (Saturday) went in and took Dylan to sign up and ran a mile at 5.0 instead of 4.5. I'm working on it. It's going to be a long process, but I'm working on it!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

MILE # 1

I've done it. I ran the first mile of my life without stopping. I seriously can not believe I did it. I've told everyone, written emails about it, called people, I'm amazed. I've never been able to run much because my feet hit the pavement so hard, I huff and puff, and have this weird clicking in my neck when I run. It's bad. I had heard running on a treadmill is easier. Yeah it was, I could have run longer, faster, etc but I didn't want to burn myself out so I just did the mile and then walked for awhile after.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

146.8 my lowest weight ever and my new hobby...

I had a bad weigh in, gained 2.4 lbs because of my week before TOM binge, my week of TOM binge, and the week after TOM binge which only leaves me with 1 lonely week per month to actually LOSE WEIGHT! ughh... Anyway, after my 5 hours of working out on Saturday, plus biking Sunday and Monday, plus Walking Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I lost 2.6lbs! I've never lose that much in one week ever. Must have been some water weight! Anyway....

I found a new hobby. I met Michelle yesterday in Long Grove to go ceramic painting. I figured because my grandma used to do it all the time that I'd do a butterfly as my first piece in her honor. I had a ton of fun and didn't spend too much money. I'll go back next week to pick up my pieces and see how I did.

Friday, June 09, 2006

4-5 hours of activity = 11 AP's in the WW world!

Wednesday (6/7) I did random activities that totaled out to be 5 hours of activity and broken down equaled out to 11 WW AP's, and I got on the scale Thursday morning and was back down to 145lb which should put me back around 147 at my WW meeting (with clothes on)! Okay, that was a super run on sentence. Let me go through the list of activities I did.

*47 minute Ramp It Up part of Slim in 6 at 6:30am
*carried around 400 files from one side of the office to the other and filed them (lifting some 2"++ legal size files over my head and actually sweating in the process). This took an hour from 2:30-3:30pm approximately.
*Walked for an hour with Pat and Julie through Algonquin Lakes, up hills, down hills, etc
*Biked 15 miles with Tim, Patrick, and Laura and Laura & Patrick bike pretty fast so I got a pretty good workout
*Walked Blue around the block for his workout

The best part was Thursday I was THRISTY for more. I wanted to work out but had nobody to bike with. I also biked on Sunday and Monday this week, so so far I've done really well. I did wind up walking around the hood last night with Heidi and Paige, so that was something.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

"...and I've carried this picture in my wallet for the last 37 years"

"Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breaths away"

and here was another example in my life. My mother in law's retirement party. Her co-workers made a Scottish theme and with my husband on my side in his kilt and his father on my other side also in his kilt I sat and watched the presentations made for her. Some silly, some sady, some just off the wall..... but then my father in law who wanted to contribute to the event got up and decided to show off some pictures of his bride... a picture of her on a horse when she was maybe 2 or 3, a picture of her sitting on the lawn looking BEAUTIFUL as a teenager, an awesome picture of her in her wedding dress standing between bushes that I'd never seen, a picture of her when they were dating, and lastly as he said it "the picture I've carried in my wallet for the last 37 years".... not a dry eye in the room especially mine.... so very touching to witness how totally in love my husbands parents are. I am in awe.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Not a good weigh in followed by walking with Pat

So Saturday morning I woke up and weighed myself and the scale didn't lQQk bad when I was naked so I figured, ahhh I'll be okay.... just go in face the music, weigh in then if I want I won't have to weigh in again for an entire month. Stay for the meeting, get the benefits of the meeting, which is exactly what I did. I gained 2.4lbs I'm now back up to 149.4! ugghh right under my goal. Journaling here I come. I did learn one thing about myself at the meeting, I knew it before but saying this out loud confirmed it. I will eat 3 cupcakes even though the first two do not taste good because I'm seeking out the "O" mouth factor that will never come. If it didn't come the first cupcake it ain't coming my the 3rd when I've eaten all the points.

I joined a challenge on the Lifetime thread. It's basically coming up with any goal for yourself and striving to make those goals by July 4th. My goals are to get TOM eating under control (the week before and the week of TOM are totally out of control), journaling, working out (keep reading for my thoughts on this), not eating when I'm not hungry, and only eating what is tasting good to me and lately my regular things I used to love... I'm just not liking which is good.

Well after my weigh in I went over to Pat's house to go walking... Pat is a lady I used to work out with at LWE and Julie ran into her this week at the library! What luck! They exchanged emails and we started planning to meet to walk. She lives in Algonquin Lakes which has some AWESOME walking paths that go along natural trails and lakes within her subdivision. Very pretty and A GREAT workout! Uphill, downhill, flat, winding in and out of houses, townhouses, schools, ball fields, streets, you name it. On our walk we were talking about how we found out LWE was closing and we had a similar experience. Both of us had been there Tuesday, didn't go Wednesday, then showed up Thursday to the "we are closed" pink highlighter sign. Pat told me how panicked and upset and then depressed she became about it and how much she missed the workout and the other women she worked out with. Since not having a workout place to go to we've both been sitting at home at that time during the day (5:30) wondering what to do with ourselves. I know that around 7pm every night I think to myself, It's 7pm and I still haven't worked out! aughh. Since LWE I've been obsessive about making sure that I have some activity in my life each day although it seems that I've been slacking at it. It sucks that before my workout was taken care of. Any extra activity I did on my own was well EXTRA, which was awesome! There was no thinking involved, I stopped there on my way home and just did it. Good news is we are going on a bike ride today in with the hood, so my exercise is taken care of.