Saturday, December 31, 2005

"GO ME" my new life motto!

My cousin is currently moving from Hawaii to Korea (her husband is military) so she stayed in Chicago from October (when her house sold) to just Thursday. Her brother is also military and is currently in Iraq so she wanted to be home for the holidays for the sake and sanity of her mother. Anyway, she had her 2 kids here Roman 2 and Reilly 4. Her brother came home for 2 weeks during her stay and had a rare opportunity to spend some quality time with his beloved niece and nephew. His 2 year old nephew speaks half English, some Korean, and a little Roman so most of the time if you listen you can figure out what he's saying. Anytime Roman's Uncle Danny would pick him up and rough house with him or tickle him Roman would yell "GO ME" as in "let go of me!". It was so cute. We went out drinking and hung out a ton while Danny was in town and our group motto is now "GO ME". It's an awesome motto because it can mean so much and with me starting WW again on Monday and knowing I CAN DO IT, all I have to say is "go me".

I'm starting back to WW on Monday the 2nd. I'm so excited because 2 girls from my neighborhood are going with me AND my workout partner! I'm buying a winter pass that is good from 1/1 to 4/29. This way I'm forced to continue meetings and be accountable!

Monday, December 05, 2005

HAUNTED by old habits and effects.....

Well these last couple weeks I've been eating HORRIBLY and of course Saturday night it all came crashing down on me. I felt so tired like I used to all the time. I never noticed any energy changes while losing weight, but now that I look back..... yeah I used to be tired all the time. I couldn't even get up to change into pj's on Saturday night. It was really bad. I don't want to feel like that. It was so strange because it was like one of those feelings you could almost touch and didn't want to touch. It was such a bad feeling inside me.

Danny came home on Saturday at 4:20!!! It was great. I had the boys and we all piled into the car, picked up some balloons, drove to the airport and waited for him. We got there about 5 minutes before his flight landed. We were allowed to get gate passes so we could meet him as soon as he stepped off the plane. We had signs and banners that Auntie Kathie and Heather had made and I brought the balloons. It was so great to see him. My mom and dad also met us at the airport and then we all went back to Auntie Kathie's and had pizza and just hung out and talked! It was so awesome! He looked really good, very healthy, and happy to be home and be with family. It was a great day.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Groundhog day came early for me this season!


After buying those few outfits for myself at NY & Co and some new jeans I finally get to feel fun, thin, sexy every day. Those 2 extra pairs of jeans really helped because now there isn't really a day that I'm wearing my old baggies around. So I'm feeling like a groundhog where I used to come out and even though I was thinner I was seeing myself with this bigger shadow. Now I'm starting to see what I look like now. It's really cool because I'll be working out and catch a glimpse in the mirror of myself and get really impressed with myself and my new shape. It's really an eye opening experience! I love it. I now LOVE LOVE LOVE clothes shopping and even yesterday at Wal-Mart I was checking out tops and stuff.

I started counting points again last Friday because I really need to get these lbs off. I was back down to 150, then yesterday morning I weighed in at LWE and was back up at 153.6. I know on Friday I didn't do so good, food day at work, plus cake, plus American/Mexican buffett for dinner, PLUS not drinking enough water. Then yesterday sort of the same. Good breakfast, okay lunch, Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. I did work out so that helps. I think I drank enough water yesterday though.

Went on a Road Rally with Michelle last night. That was fun. Had a headache by the end though!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

2 days of GLORY for me!!

Well yesterday I had off for Veterans day and I decided to go to Woodfield to use my Woodfield gift cert from Christmas last year and my New York and Company gift card Wendy got me for my birthday. I was only in the mall for about an hour and half, I bought Tim 2 new pairs of jeans at JcPenney, then I went to NY & Co and had a blast. I had so much fun shopping. I got two pairs of jeans one size 6, one size 8, and two pairs of guacho's which I love with boots and 3 sweaters/tops that I love. Each outfit makes me feel completely adorable/sexy/thin! My sister called me while I was working out to tell me that Michael left her another note and she wanted to go drinking with the girls. So my sister, my cousin Heather, two of my sisters nursing school friends, and myself went out to Gators to have a "few" drinks. Had a good time just hanging out AND I got to show off one of my new outfits! :)

Then today, took Blue to his puppy play date in the morning, didn't have time to get his nails cut so just now I decided to try to do it myself.... AND after much fighting he finally layed down and just let me do it! I had a little parade for him after the whole "good boy" parade! Hey, that's gonna save me $12 each time!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Where have I been?

Wow, I had a birthday in here somewhere and hmmmm what else? Nothing new other than that. I've gained back about 5lbs from my goal weight which sucks, but whatever. I have to get myself back OP because I don't want to have to lose this weight all over. Oh, found another outfit that makes me feel awesome. I got this really pretty slimming black skirt, it's a size 10 (holy cow), from Wal-Mart and I finally got some boots that come up to my high calf on Thursday night. I wore the skirt and boots with a kind of tight pink sweater yesterday and felt amazing in it. Everybody who saw me complemented me on the outfit!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Tim's NEW wife..... HAS ARRIVED!!!

lol, well here I am all buttoned up and beautiful so to speak. Went over to Scott and Tanya's to meet Julia their daughter that was born last Friday (She's a cutie, tons of hair, little 5lb peanut)! When they saw me they couldn't believe how much weight I've lost. Other than at Gary's wedding in July, Tanya saw me at the end of April but Scott probably hasn't seen me in a year or so! Anyway, they called me "Tim's new wife" pretty funny!! A NSV I never had thought of myself as! What will they come up with next???

Monday, August 29, 2005

Do you see me, I don't!!!!

Well I've been having this issue with body image the last couple months. It's basically that it takes time for your brain to catch up with your new body and for you to see how much thinner you really are. I've maintained my goal weight for 3 weeks without counting points for journaling at all! I think that I have truely mastered the balance of food that I can eat without gaining. It's pretty awesome considering I am basically eating what I want including sweets and fast food. It's all about moderation. Well anyway, back to body image... so on the 22nd I was taking my sister for her birthday to a Cubs game. I've had my outfit planned for months. Tim had bought me a boobie shirt (pink Cubs tank top) at one of the first games he went to this season. I promised myself that by the 22nd that I would be thin enough to look SUPER in this shirt. I went out and bought a bra with clear straps to wear under it. I had planned on wearing shorts wtih it, but as the day got nearer I could see that with it being a night game I would have to wear jeans and bring a sweatshirt with me. So game day comes, I come home from work early and race around getting ready and I look in the mirror. Not only were my favorite pair of size 6 jeans that I used to wear really uncomfortable, but they came up very high on my waist to my belly button and of course, the waist on these jeans was very small and had extra room for bootie and thighs. I have NO bootie or thighs so my waist was VERY tight and my rolls were being pushed up and made me look very uncomfortable. I asked my husband if we had time to stop at Old Navy to pick up a new pair of jeans. We hurried through the store, got a few different pairs, and I raced to the dressing rooms, found an awesome pair of stretch, straight leg, low waisted jeans that I LOVE!!! whooo-hoo.. only lost 15 minutes out of our day in the process too!! I stopped at my parents house and changed and looked at myself in the mirror and wasn't totally satisfied but felt much better and much more comfortable! (the old jeans were actually make red marks on my belly). Anyway, over the weekend I was at my mom's house helping her with her garage sale and she is telling my aunt the story about me in the mirror and it was sooooo funny the way that she told the story. I was laughing sooo hard and my aunt was hysterically laughing! It was great. So I guess others see me, but I don't!!!

Saturday, August 06, 2005


WOW, TODAY I MET GOAL, AND I THINK I'M STILL IN SHOCK BECAUSE I'M NO WHERE NEAR AS EXCITED AS I THOUGHT I'D BE. We'll anyway, it took me 2 months past my goal date to get to goal, but here I am FINALLY!!

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Stop the presses, Stop the parties....

I'm not at goal... but I did lose, I'm at 151.4 which makes puts me at a 34.8lb WW loss, which rocks and a total combined loss of.... 51.6 lbs!! WHOO-HOO.. thought I would share this pic of me and my husband at wedding he stood up in on July 16th. Okay.. so hopefully I'll be reporting back next week with the weight of 150. I'm determined now baby!

Friday, July 29, 2005

shhh, I might be at goal!!!

Welllllllll...... I got on the scale this am at home just for a look see and low and behold, there it was 151. My original ww goal is 150, and I'm standing there in my pajama shirt thinking, wtf??? You wouldn't believe how fast that pj shirt came off! lol! I jumped back on and there it was.... OH GLORIOUS 150!!! whoo-hooo. My official weigh in is tomorrow morning at my work out place so I'm trying my best to stay on plan, drink my water, eat my veggies, and get that awesome 150 weigh in!! Okay... well, stay tuned, I'll be posting again if it's true!! :)

Monday, July 18, 2005

32.4lbs finally past the plateau from hell!

ahhhh it was a great weekend. Sat am I get on the scale and I'm at 153.8 which not only broke my plateau finally, it put's me at a 32.4 lb loss! Whoo-hoo... and it also puts me at 50lbs lost since first starting to lose weight in 2004. Weight Watchers has a saying "nothing tastes as good as thin feels" boy is that true! Tim and I went to Gary and Carrie's wedding this weekend and I wore a fabulous dress and shoes, and had tons of compliments. Everybody was complimenting me on my dress, my weight. I had women I didn't know coming to talk to me about my dress, our friends were not only giving me compliments but most of them made comments to Tim about me! That was so great to hear!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Over the cusp of the 30lb MOUNTAIN!

Okay.. as of 6/11/05 I was 155.6 which put me at a 30.6 loss! Who-hoo for me!!! Carolyn is at a 32.4lb loss! that is awesome!!! I took about a month hiatus from ww because we had so many weddings, birthdays, showers, graduations, and of coure memorial day weekend. I wasn't getting through a memorial day without a cheesy brat! lol! Okay.. so here I am now.. back on program since 5/31/05 and not losing very well.. and of course, my weigh in is tomorrow morning, and I just took my last bc pill, therefore, I won't see any loss this week.. but next week... let's hope that we'll see a good loss! Can't wait!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

29.4 lbs... almost at a 30lb loss!!

Well... got back from my trip to AZ and I didn't too as well as I planned on my trip. I've kind of extended my vacation until next Monday just to give myself some extra time to reacclamate myself. I weighed in this am and I'm at 156.8 which means I did lose weight on my trip. Not much.. but it's a loss... well.. looking back at my last post it seems that I've not even lost 5 full lbs this month.. oh well.. I'll be at 150 before I know it!! whoo-hoo for me.. I can't believe how fast the weight falls off.. and I've not even tried this week and I'm still losing.. I'm going to get back on track Monday and get myself to 150 ASAP!!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

25 lbs and GROWING!!!


No clue.. either way, went to weigh in yesterday 4/16/05 morning... down exactly 2lbs... for a total loss of 25.2 lbs... WHOO-HOOO for me!! Tooting my own horn, patting myself on my back, and CAN NOT believe I've made it this far and am continuing with no problems!!!

Well some people name their fat they lose and have a baby name for it and call it their baby.. and then people make comments like "wow, your little guy is growing fast" etc. Cute.. I have no clue what to call my baby... maybe just call it my arse! nice.. never had an arse to speak of anyway.

Went to the mall yesterday wearing this new jogging out fit.. cute pink capri pants and a little matching jacket... Dylan made a comment that I don't have a tummy anymore... god I love that kid.. bought him some $60 shoes, Tim and I some cheapies at Payless.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Sometimes reality DOES NOT bite!

Okay.. folding laundry last night... watching tv... waiting for my ww walking friend Carolyn to call me to go walking. She said she couldn't go until later, I had laundry to do, so I figured I would get that out of the way and then we could go walking. So I'm standing there folding, and she calls me and says she is just getting home and wants to eat some dinner and will call me in about a half hour to go walking.. and it dawns on me.. it's been 3 full months that I've been on WW and I just can not believe not only my success, but Carolyns, and Sarahs success. We started together and we are still in this together. We have added new people along the way, but the 3 main people are still going strong. I'm in shock. None of us have fallen off, or given up, we've all loved it, stuck to the program. It's just great. It was a complete smack in the face.. and what is strange to me is that it doesn't feel like a diet, it just feels like ok, this is it, this is my life.. this is the way it will be... is very empowering.. I know that I still have at least 13 more lbs to lose to my goal, but that is the farthest thing on my mind in comparison to a normal diet where you are constantly thinking "ok only 5 more lbs to go, then I'm off this diet" or "only 6 more weeks to go" or whatever.. it's not like that.. very strange.. maybe there is some kind of signal that is sent to our brain from ww to reprogram us. I don't know.. whatever it is, it's working and I love it!

Check out my website!

I started a website a few weeks ago.. I did it on a free website that actually does everything for you.. so it's a little cheesy, but it only took me 20 minutes or so to make the first part. I added the during ww a few weeks later.

Let me know what you think! I will be posting more pics on there from time to time!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Losing my ARSE in the battle of the buldge..

Okay... so I finally started ww.. the one program I NEVER wanted to join/participate in.. I figured counting points would be too tedious.. well.. I've lost 20lbs in under 11 weeks! Insane.. started Jan 17th, seems to be my day to start new programs.. you should see the results..

This is taken from an email from my neighbor Carolyn also on WW to a couple other neighbors also on ww!

Ok ladies... I went shopping with Mel last night. She bought this skirt that made me feel like an arse because I couldn't stop staring at her. HOLY CRAP. You really CANNOT tell how much weight she has lost with the clothes she wears currently! She's a little skinny mini! I say we nominate her for "What Not to Wear" so she can get a new wardrobe and stop wearing her workout clothes out side of the gym!!

and later after one of them looked at the pics on my website again from Carolyn.. she is my biggest cheerleader!

Yep! I was completely amazed! Blown away almost. This tiny little thing is hidden under mounds of baggy work out clothes! Oh Ladies! Here's something funny about last night. The Domino's pizza guy almost ran into the crate that holds the salt at the end of Glacier & Silverstone because he was staring at Mel. NO JOKE!! The 4 of us busted out laughing. When perfect strangers nearly get into an accident because of you, you know you look good!

lol, too funny.. well.. that's it for now!