Friday, July 28, 2006

Green lights all the way followed by I GOT HIT BY A BUS

So Thursday I got all green lights on the way to work... it was amazing.. Wed night I had an awesome night out to Carmalita's, then to Target, got home made my veggie pizza and still had time to walk the dog. So by the middle of Thursday I was waiting to get hit by a bus a train or for something horrible in my life to happen.. I think it was God's way of destressing me before what was to come next. And as it turns out in the end, it wasn't so bad, but during it sucked... read on... read on....

had a REALLY crappy night last night then got to work and it's been one of those days where I REALLY wish that I could have just called in sick but that would have totally *f'ed* all my co-workers and wouldn't have been fair. First I'm driving home on the phone w/ Dan he says I'll call you back okay.. whatever... get home start making the munchies for the poker game at my house and trying to get ready for the lakeland meeting at 7pm. Anyway I didn't know how to make the dip so I grab my phone and try to call Tim. It kept saying "call failed, retry?" so I kept hitting retry, nothing. ughhh what now. so I'm thinking I'm having the same problem some neighbors had the day before with Nextel but now it hit Cingular. So I tried to call my work phone and a few other numbers then I tried to text and nothing. So finally I walked down the street to find Glen to find out what time we were leaving, etc and Tim drives down the street and for the 2nd night in a row just starts yelling at me out his car window totally freaking out about me not answering my phone. the night before I was with Pam, if EITHER of us had heard my phone I would have answered it. It was in the backseat, we had the radio on and were laughing/chatting so of course I didn't hear it! WTF, anyway so I tell him my phone is broken then he starts bitching that I BROKE my phone, so then I say "okay, so Jeff AND Carolyn also BROKE their phone at the exact same time yesterday and it just magically started working again later???" whatever, @zz... so I find Glen we make plans, we leave for the meeting.. had a good meeting. Then I get home and the dog is barking etc at everybody so they are all bitching.. so I'm like "okay f'ers then why the heck don't one of you host other than Jeff and Adam?" and I walk away.. whatever jerks. Tim buys them beer always has food etc and they bitch about my dog.. don't f'in come then. Anyway.. I leave take Blue for a walk. Between having a pop at noon yesterday Wild Cherry Pepsi and the choc ice cream and cake I was still totally wired so I hung out online until around 11:30. I called cingular and they think it's my sim card so I'm basically without a phone until Tuesday.. although it has been working today, so whatever. IN the meantime, people are calling Tim asking what is wrong with me, why I called them and hung up.. my phone wasn't working I wasn't calling anyone! So basically my phone was making all sorts of calls to people I NEVER call for no reason.. nice huh? I hope I called Japan and rack up a sweet bill too! f'ers. anyway... so I lay down around midnight and was still wired so I watched tv... at that point I should have gotten my lazy butt out of bed and just taken some tylenol pm or benadryl or something.. nope I layed there until 2:30, then Tim comes in and I start talking to him in a normal voice and he's like "why are you still up" ummm the door kept slaming, water running, toliet flushing, dog barking PLUS even if I could have slept through that I couldn't because I'm wired from choc and caffeine from noon today! So we start fighting about how I'm so sensitive to everything LIKE I CAN CHANGE THAT ABOUT MY BODY? whatever. anyway.. so now it's 3 am, still can't sleep finally get up taken benadryl, put lotion on my feet (they felt dry), went to the bathroom, got some chapstick on etc layed back down. I asked Tim if he won/lost.. he just says "lost" how much? $60.. OKAY.. I got you $20 where did the other $40 come from "I stopped for $$ for the Cubs game tomorrow" oh yea, okay so you spent all $60 PLUS bought $26 worth of beer PLUS food.. so were out $100 for 5 hours of YOUR entertainment, PLUS you now have to get more $ out for the Cubs game. F'er. Okay so I finally fall asleep around 4am ish then I wake up at 6 and couldn't fall back to sleep. I fell back to sleep around 7ish and woke up at 7:30 and had to get out of bed. Walked into work and OF COURSE, the day from hell.. 2 same day purchases sitting on my desk.. okay no biggie.. but then I find out that all this work that one girl brought home didn't get done.. so that's like 4-5 hours more work that we have to all split between us and add to our normal load. PLUS it's end of the month so we always have to help with other stuff that has nothing to do with us, but whatever. I open my first file and it's a total wreck and the day has just continued like that.. the copier jamming, files changing at the last minute, broker's and title co's calling to freak out about nothing, etc.
Okay.. so how are your sinuses today? My boss's birthday was yesterday and she had a crappy night after she left work, THEN, she didn't sleep because of her sinuses. ughhh Then the girl across from me announces her husband was in the ER all night after falling 50 some odd feet off a scaffold at work with another guy and the other guy is blaming him for the accident, etc. Yeah, then we have a pregger almost due who is just a hormonal mess (her boyfriend is in Kuwait), then we have our funders that are constantly fueding because neither one of them does the job the same and they fight over who is doing what right.. I've warned my entire office just not to come near us today...

so in the end after all my huffing.. I've felt pretty alert all day, a little tired when I went home to let the dog out, but it's hot out. The copying/stacking was all done by 1pmish with the exception of a few hangover fundings. All my files are totally done, and it seems no more are coming tonight AND fundings are done. Oh and the best part.... I was going to have to pick up Dylan in Round Lake Beach but then he went to his friends in Mundelien (okay a little better) then Tim calls me and says he'll pick him up on his way home from the Cubs game! Ohhh yeah.. it's Friday and I'm going home right at 5 baby!

Friday, July 21, 2006

THAT GIRL IS A RUNNING FOOL, Blue the sweet potato begger, and ME AT MYSPACE?

HOLY CRAP! I SERIOUSLY CAN NOT BELIEVE I'VE DONE THIS! Last post I was talking about making 3 miles running a goal to make by Labor Day... well here I am here to say that I did it last night! It was totally amazing to me that I did it. I had the treadmill set at 5.2 mph the entire way and just listened to my mp3 player and beepoobed through 34 1/2 minutes of running. Totally amazing to me!

After I met Julie and her sister Connie to walk and we took this crazy "scenic tour" walking all weird ways, but it was fun and we found all sorts of junk along the way to talk and laugh about. I'm not going to the gym or walking tonight. I'm giving my feet a break, I have a blistery kind of thing on the back of my foot that makes it hard to walk so I went home and got some flip flops and feel so much better.

Also, have I told you about how much Blue loves sweet potato? He L♥VES them! When I was buying sweet potato fries from Trader Joes he would beg for them and I'd always give him a nibble, but the last few days I've had one with dinner and he always begs for scraps and everything I give him he gobbles right up!

Yup, that's right you read the header... I finally made an account/webpage on my space. WTF it's free and I've already touched base with a few girls that I haven't talked to since high school so that's been nice catching up with them.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

2 miles straight, my MP3 player, and my proudest conversation with Dylan

Well I ran a full 2 miles today without stopping, then walked a few miles with the girls at the park district. I wanted to stop at the gym and get in some running because I had an hour to kill before I had to meet the girls and I just kept pushing myself "another 1/4 mile" and eventually at 2 miles I felt like puking and I had to do some sort of cool down so I could get on the road to meet the girls! It was great, I feel great, all is well.

Tim bought us MP3 players for the gym and that's been fun loading songs on them and I really think they help me run and keep my mind off what I'm actually doing.......... K I L L I N G M Y S E L F!!!! ahh it's all good... I would really like to be at 3 miles by Labor Day as a part of my Labor of Love Challenge on the Lifetime WW chat room.

And lastly, which *should* be firstly, but it happened over last weekend so it's not quite as fresh as my run 2 hours ago... I had this awesome conversation with Dylan. I can talk to him about anything and the same goes with Leif too. I had that type of relationship with both my mom and my grandma so I cherish the fact that anything goes with my conversations with Dylan and Leif ESPECIALLY now that they are both getting older. Anyway the highlight of this particular conversation was me telling Dylan that he wasn't a mistake. I think it's important for him to know that his dad and I weren't two stupid kids that made an oops.. we WANTED him.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

#3 coming right up!!

Yup, it's official, my cousin Heather announced today that she is 9 weeks preggers... So I get another new niece or nephew and I can't wait!

Weighed in over the weekend at 144.4... pretty exciting to me even though the scale at home said less the last week or so.

Also, I'm part of a "fit couple"!! At my Aunt Kathies party today Michael mentioned that both Tim and I look good and are a fit couple! I love it! I can't wait to use that at my WW meeting.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Can you supersize that for the old lady??? It's our anniversary!

yes I can actually imaging my husband pulling into the drive through and announcing that.. what a dope! lol! Tim and I went to work out (with Dylan) and we had such a good time together. We did my regular workout then part of Tim's regular work out. It was the first time in our 10 year relationship that we've ever worked out together other than walking or biking. It was actually very fun. After 2 hours at the gym we went over to the mall so Tim could buy some new gym shoes and we had lunch together.

Anyway that was Saturday and today it's raining and cold, not sure what we'll do today.. oh well. we'll figure out something.