Friday, November 17, 2006

ran 9 miles this week!

Yes, I have this plan of running my 3 miles at 5.5mph and I've actually gone up to 3 1/4 miles Wednesday at 5.5mph. I figured once that starts getting easy (ha!) then I can up that mph to 5.6 or 5.7 and take it from there. Yeah, so Mon/Wed/Fri this week I ran 3 miles each day totally 9 miles PLUS walking and other activities during the week. I have to start working on weight training!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Okay, the angels just HATE me I think..

I know this will take time to get down to 140, but the scale has not budged since I got back down to 144... this weekend is full with eating opportunities to the fullest... We have Dylan and Jake this weekend... Friday night running, then dinner, then off to pick the boys up (in the truck as requested by my son), then Saturday morning brunch with my sister, mom, and some of my sister's nursing school friends in celebration of her new found independence, then probably lunch with the boys, plus going to a party at Steph's house in Wonder Lake so whatever I bring to that... Sunday Puppy Play date in Chicago that I *might* go to, then I have off all week. Friday is my first Thanksgiving, then Saturday our 2nd thanksgiving with Tim's family, so my WW week is really messed up. I'll try to be as good as I can be, but it won't be easy! So another month between to work hard on losing, Christmas shopping, and preparing for the rest of the holidays.. and the angels just hate me.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


My sisters divorce was final as of yesterday... she has taken our maiden name back so we are both officially as our birth certificates read! I love it. When she said her name out loud "I'm Wendy B again" I said "hey I remember her"

Anyway.. it's still sad that my now balls stapled to the wall ex brother in law had to pull all the bs on her, and lord knows he could have brought any f'in disease back that could have killed my sister.... but it's still a sad situation. I don't like to see my sister in the dumps and even worse at the hands of the person she adored the most in the world.

As her divorce proceedings began I named Keith Urban's song "you'll think of me" as her them song, but now that the divorce is final.. I'm naming BEFORE HE CHEATS by Carrie Underwood her new theme song.. of course along with the all time WOMAN'S national anthem... I WILL SURVIVE!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Wendy is officially divorced!

WHOO-HOO PARTY PARTY PARTY! The dreaded divorce is done, she had court this am and it's over done. Thank god.. now we can move on to other crazy family mis haps! lol!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

"it's about touching lives"

so here it is.. Saturday morning... the night after I had salty food at a pampered chef party, followed by taco bell... didn't drink/eat at the bar, but I weighed in a a few lbs less than I was last month, so I'm good with that. So the meeting hadn't begun yet and I went up front to grab another meeting schedule so I'd have one for my little weigh in book to keep handy. I walk up front and the lady who works there that Carolyn and I have always thought was bitchy (but really just has a dry sense of humor) is talking to this little girl. She was probably between 10-12 years old, overweight, and crying. She was telling the little girl that the hardest part of doing WW and losing weigh is walking in that door and she did it. I wanted so badly to walk up to the little girl and tell her about all the years of struggle I've gone through with my weight and if I had started at her age when the problem started that life would have been much easier for me. I didn't want to ruin the attention that the WW lady had with the little girl and she had already said the best thing she could have said to her, so I left at that. The little girl and her mom stayed for the meeting so I tried my best to make the meeting sound fun and upbeat, adding tons of comments here and there, etc. When I got up to leave, the little girl and mom were sitting behind me and staying for the "beginners" after meeting and I again really wanted to say something, but the little girl had her head down. I know exactly how she was feeling, but I know in a few weeks that head will come up as those lbs start shedding themselves. She will be leading a much healthier happier life in just a few weeks time. I hope to see that little girl again at the meetings. I went up front to buy the measured serving spoons I had wanted for awhile and I stood in line to pay with the lady who had been talking to the little girl and I told her what an awesome thing she had done for that little girl. She actually smiled at me and said "thank you, it's not about the paycheck, it's about touching lives" and she really did her "duty" today! As I was driving home it made me think about how I've said and others have told me I'd make a great WW leader. I had said a few times that if I was going to do it, I wanted to wait a full year past my "lifetime" status date. Well that date is approaching in about 4 months, so the next time I get that little flyer about WW employee information, I'll definately be at that meeting because after all.. "it's about touching lives"

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

random emails....

from my sister.. subject line: JUST MY LUCK

I was driving by a church today and I saw two Hearses parked in front. I thought - Oh My what a tragedy, two lives lost. I wonder what happened?
As I drove a little closer I saw, No, two lives were not lost, one Hearse was broken down with the hood up. And I thought, you know that would be just my luck. You're dead, it's the last trip you are making on earth, all you want is to be laid to rest, and the damn Hearse BREAKS DOWN!!!!

I wonder if the deceased was one of those people who is ALWAYS late for everything?
That would be hilarious!

from my neighbor Pam after I had a cr@p @zz day yesterday.. LONG STORY THERE

Melissa, you are very motivating. In general, I think you're just a
very positive, happy, friendly person! You are the life of our
neighborhood and the website. You are good at helping people to feel
good about themselves. You also have a knack for getting folks

I know I'm not as "into" things as you are, but considering the fact
that before I met you and Carolyn, I did NO exercise at all, did
ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about my weight gains, and in fact just sat around my
house feeling depressed and miserable (partly chemical issues (dumb
brain), partly self pity, and partly bad habits), you have helped me a
lot. I'm exercising some, made new friends, realized I CAN lose weight
if I try, my house is getting cleaned up, I've had people over, I've
gotten out to more neighborhood get-togethers, and I'm not feeling like
I'd like to sleep and sleep and sleep!!! So, thank you to Melissa
especially, but also Carolyn, Pat and Julie!!!! (Also anti-depressants,
therapy, and an awesome mom.)

I don't always have time to respond to your email, but I do read it.
Even though I don't get out walking as much as I'd like or should, it is
so nice knowing you're all there for me and would help me out in any way
if I asked for it.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

finally 3 miles @ 5.5mph & still no angels singing at 140lbs

Ughh it's taken me since July 20th to get here, but last night I finally did it! yahhh whoo.. Now I think I'll do 3 miles for a couple weeks at 5.5 until it gets easy and just up it 1 at a time until I get up. I can do a 1/4 a mile at 6 mph but that's it.. I'm done. something more to keep working on.

As far as the angels singing at 140lbs.. still not happening. I got really close near my birthday and then just blew it. I'm back journaling and everything so we'll see what the scale says later this week.

Friday, November 03, 2006

back in the groove

and feeling great! I've been journaling, running, walking, and I made it through Halloween without eating ANY yes I said ANY Halloween candy. I did start making these great 1 pt peanut butter cups that are soooo yummy! I'm back down to 144 nekkid on my home scale, so to me that's great. I'm getting really anxious about the holidays but I'm making plans so I can control myself this year... let's just hope I can follow through!

Have a great weekend planned! Tonight walking, then Dylan is being dropped off and we're having spaghetti with garlic bread for dinner. I'm weighing in tomorrow morning as long as I don't gain because of TOM starting Monday. Going to lunch with Mac, Jennifer, Jessica for my birthday at SWEET TOMATOES baby, then later going to meet up at Cubby Bear for drinks with some old friends. Sunday is Adam's birthday party and football! Sounds like a yummy weekend to me!