Saturday, May 27, 2006

Not even tasting the food I used to crave and love.....

so... I've figured out that no matter what I do I have 2 weeks per month that I won't lose so it seems since making goal that I just throw in the towel those 2 weeks of the month and eat whatever I want. Well it seems no matter how much I eat or what I eat that I'm ever satisfied, most of the time I'm not even hungry it's just time for dinner or I haven't eaten in awhile, and a majority of the time the food I'm picking I'm not even tasting the way I used to taste it. I eat the whole thing the whole time trying to figure out why I used to "love" this or that so much, but like I said, I always finish it anyway! It's very screwed up. I'm also having this strange problem of feeling as if "there is food out there that I could be eating" for example, there are several parties in my neighborhood right now, most of which have tons of food at and I could walk up at any time and grab a plate full and I'm feeling as if that is MY food waiting for me. Or every restaurant I drive by is holding my chocolate shake randsom! WHAT is wrong with this picture. I'm having a problem figuring out why this is such a mental block when the whole time my body is just craving good foods...???

Monday, May 22, 2006

pick door a or door b

I pick door b..... "okay pack your bags because we're going to GERMANY FOR 6 WEEKS" yes, this was my conversation at about 10am this morning with my husband! Don't know dates or anything yet, but I'm pretty excited!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

me obsessing over exercise???

yeah, I'm just as confused as you are. I never thought I'd be one of those people who was obsessed about working out! But here I am with no gym to go to, no ladies to work out with, no venting forum to have ears to lay my stories out to.... I can't even believe that I made an hour time each day to work out. It seems now that I get home and it's already 6:30, how did I get time to work out before? So now, here I am worried I'll gain the weight back if I don't work out. I've been trying to at least get in an hour of biking 3 days per week which with the weather isn't working out. I did move the elliptical upstairs so if I'm watching TV I can jump on that too. I have done my workout video SI6 once, tried Yoga Booty Ballet hip hop and really didn't like it. The moves were too coordinated for me! I couldn't do it and felt as if there was no work out for me to it. I'm collecting the McDonalds workout's but so far I only have 2 of the 4. I will try to bring one of mine back to exchange because I got 2 of the same one. Other than that I've been walking the dog and cleaned the house last weekend (mother's day weekend) like a mad woman. I cleaned for 3-4 hours on Sat and from 7:40am to 9:15pm on Sunday so I didn't think a work out was needed. I figured I was moving most of the day Sunday and that was enough. I weighed in last weekend and was down to 147 EVEN my lowest ever, so I was pretty darn proud of that, but again here I am eating as I please the last week or so. Well stay tuned to see how my "work-outs" progress.......

Friday, May 05, 2006

feeling as if.... I've lost 2 years of my life..... :(

Okay. I went to my work out place last night (Ladies workout express, sort of like a curves) and there was a sign on the door that said "sorry we're closed" it's a small place so I figured the girl who was working tonight was sick or whatever. I left there and called a girl I know that work out there too and she said "yeah, I was there today and yesterday they had the same sign up" so she said that one of the girls that works there had called her but didn't leave a message so she said that she would call her and get the scoop and she'd call me back. I called there and got their voicemail and it said "sorry we're closed, to transfer your membership call..." WHAT? I've been a member since before they opened, I was the first customer to walk through those doors on OPENING DAY! hello? So the woman who worked there called my workout buddy and told her basically "home office" shut them down for not having enough members. I'm SO upset now because I met so many AMAZING women there and now have no way of getting in touch with any of them, I don't have a place that I would like to go to that is close enough to my house where I know I would go to 6 days a week like I go there, I don't want to start up somewhere else and have to pay start up fees and be stuck in a contract (I had a month to month contract because I've been a member there over a year), PLUS the place CHANGED MY LIFE! It was why I started WW, why I lost 56lbs, why I kept going, PLUS I encouraged other members there to join WW and they are all doing really well with working out and WW as a combination