Monday, January 18, 2010


WHOOOO HOOO!! So at 10am we are pulling into the parking lot in front of the u/s place with my mom and sister and the place is calling me asking where we are. I explain we are parking in the "pay parking lot" and she says okay go to your left. umm ok towards the sprint store? no? I don't know where you are at.. freakin great.. turns out she wanted me to go to my OTHER left.. sigh.. I walked around one of the buildings and could see the address of the building we needed to go to. Sigh.. we get rushed in there, sign 2 papers and walk in to this HUGE room with leather couches and chairs. A table for kids to play at and 2 big flat screens for everyone to watch. So I get up on the bed, the lady puts a rather healthy helping of jelly on me and flips on the screen. Right off the bat she says "oh look it's head down" she flips the little doppler up on the top side of my belly and we are looking right at some spread eagle legs with 3 lines.. "THAT'S A GIRL!!" I say.... quiet. hmmm she keeps scanning trying to go around the 3 lines to see if a penis will pop out and nothing all the while I'm saying "that's a girl, it's a girl" and Tim finally shushhhed me. I think he was getting irritated at me, but nobody else was talking and of course I can't have a room of 7 people with nobody talking. Nobody else could see what I was looking at on the screen but I saw it. Finally the girl said "yup, 3 dots, 3 lines, that's all I'm seeing.. It's a girl"

I couldn't be more excited. Tim was very excited because we got to see her yawn and we got to see her long legs.. omgsh that girls legs spread from one side of my uterus to the other and Tim said a few times during the day "she's got really long legs" Also she has really long narrow feet like me.

Here is the first 3D pic of her.. it came out pretty blurry and she looks like a globby fish.. not much like a human. I swear on the 2D u/s you could see her already developed features

the 2D picture isn't worth posting.. you can barely make out the 3 dots.. I was shocked she didn't print out the pics of the spread legs you could see perfectly.. oh well.

sooooo Tim's grandma is not doing very well.. in fact, with the way things run I'm sure she'll pass soon.. We found out Dylan was a boy at 20 week and at 21 weeks Dan's grandfather died.. we found out Saturday that Olivia was a girl, Tim's mom is in town.. things are just too perfect and she is ready to pass. I'm just hoping she goes with no pain and doesn't have to struggle. She is back in the hospital as of 2 hours ago and Dave/Jana are packing the car to get here as we speak. Grandma has been telling me since I announced that this baby was coming that she wouldn't live to see the baby. The fact that Olivia is due on her birthday has just been another reason for Grandma to keep reassuring me that she won't be here. It's sad but it's life. Somehow I feel that the guff is being recycled with souls when I'm pregnant.. because my child needs a soul someone must die in their place. Here I am, pregnant again waiting for a family members soul to be free to be used by my developing fetus. sigh.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The OMEN at 14 hours

Tim and I were waiting for Tim's parents to land in Chicago to see if they wanted to meet for dinner.. by the time they got the car and got their phones turned on it was after 6pm but they called and said they already had plans. Tim and I decided a half hour later to go to a place by my work called Dominicks, it's a restaurant not a grocery store. They have really great take out food and I know they have a small sit down area. It was packed but we quickly got a table. So we sit down and that's when it happened.. I GOT 2 UNBENT FORKS!! I can not tell you how long it's been since I've been at a restaurant that I've gotten 2 perfectly not even slightly bent forks. I've even blogged about it.. is this an omen? Is this saying life is finally going to be fair for me, I'll get my wish and get a girl?

The other thing that happened yesterday was I saw a tiny deer.. not a fawn but maybe an adolescent deer. Didn't stop in front of me, but I saw her, she saw me.

My mom finally had a dream that might be a sign it's a girl (not a boy as her first dream told her).

sooo now.. 13 hours and counting.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

96 hours and counting....

It's officially 96 hours until I find out the sex of my baby growing inside of me. I can not wait... but then maybe I can.. I'm nervous about the possibility of this being a boy and our little name battle will officially begin. I shouldn't say that, in fact, it's already ON but the real battle will come on full force. So right now here is where we are stuck. The name Olivia Nicole came to me a few days after I found out I was pregges. Tim has said nothing other than he "likes" that name. He hasn't said he doesn't. He hasn't said we can't use it. His name is his grandfathers name Julian but he wasts to call the baby Jack. I know a few Julians all go by JJ or other nicknames and I really don't love that name. Further, I know several babies named Jack and it fits them but I don't want that name for my son.

Funny story.. yesterday we were on the phone fighting again over what sex the baby is. I said to Tim "it's 4pm and the baby JUST woke up, it's your kid for sure" he laughed and said "he was drunk, he was up all night drinking JACK DANIELS" ughhh so I said "you'll take what I give you" and he said "no you'll take what I've already given you" HMPHHHH CRAP! lol!

So I started thinking this morning about all the things that will happen in our lives before this baby is born. Where Dylan is concerned that's A LOT! In less than 3 months he'll have his drivers license. So at the end of March he's flying to AZ to drive his car back from the Mesa house to Chicago. He'll be with my mom and dad driving 2 separate cars, the mustang and the sebring.. sigh.. Dylan will finish sophomore year and be an offical Junior by June 20th. I'm sure he'll be trying to get a job as soon as he possibly can. I'll have one testing his independence and one testing her/his independence from my womb. It's going to be a strange but very exciting and happy time in our family.

and sooooo we wait.. 96 hours..