Sunday, January 15, 2006

Back to the drawing board......

Okay... I started back full fledge to Weight Watchers on 1/2. I bought the season pass which is basically a $149 fee to go to WW meetings from 1/1 until 4/29. I figured if I bought it, that it would force me to attend meetings and be accountable. The first weigh in I wore normal clothes, had eaten like a hog the last few weeks before, and had gotten my period that morning... I figured what the heck because no matter what I'm going to be over my goal weight I acheived in August, AND I have to at least be 5 lbs over 155 because I you have to at least lose 5 lbs to be able to do maintenance and then be a lifetime WW member. My personal goal will be 140 allthough I will get to my goal, begin maintenance and try to lose only a little each week to eventually make my personal goal of 140. This way as long as I don't go over 152 I'll still be considered a "lifetime" member. Okay okay, it's cheating the system, BUT, life happens, birthday's happen, celebrations happen, holidays happen, etc. Yes, it is very possible to eat sensibly during all those, but I'd rather not spend the ENTIRE rest of my life 24/7 worrying about each morsel....... those 12lbs I have to work with will be my saving grace.

Okay... so I went to my first weigh in on Saturday (long story but I basically couldn't go the first Saturday because I had already weighed in the first week and I had to wait for the next calendar week).... so I hop up on the scale and I'm back at GOOD 'OL 153.8! 6.6lb loss... okay probably not really, not with regular clothes on (I usually weigh in in workout pants and a t-shirt not a heavy sweater and jeans), TOM, and all that extra water weight from my holiday binge...... Anyway... so I'm thinking that half of that was a REAL loss... so 3.3 lbs!!! WHOOO-HOOO that's still good for 10 days! :)

Tim has also decided to start WW although he refuses to join a meeting. I did the same thing at the beginning. I wanted to make sure that I could "live" with the program before joining. That worked out well for me because a week in I was hooked. He is doing VERY well and on day 5 he had lost 5 lbs! Not so bad. I think he's finding it a fun challenge to figure out what he can eat, what foods are better for him and/or less points, and using everything that he's absorbed from me as tools to learn how to put the WW puzzle together. He would like to lose around 50lbs which would be perfect for him!

Also along with me for the ride are a 3 girls from my neighborhood. Carolyn, Pam, and Kristie. Also my workout partner Julie (Jules) decided to hop aboard. She had mentioned it but I wasn't sure if she was 100% and one day she said "I'll meet you at the WW meeting on Monday" whoo-hoo... so I've got a little WW possie going!