Friday, June 17, 2005

Over the cusp of the 30lb MOUNTAIN!

Okay.. as of 6/11/05 I was 155.6 which put me at a 30.6 loss! Who-hoo for me!!! Carolyn is at a 32.4lb loss! that is awesome!!! I took about a month hiatus from ww because we had so many weddings, birthdays, showers, graduations, and of coure memorial day weekend. I wasn't getting through a memorial day without a cheesy brat! lol! Okay.. so here I am now.. back on program since 5/31/05 and not losing very well.. and of course, my weigh in is tomorrow morning, and I just took my last bc pill, therefore, I won't see any loss this week.. but next week... let's hope that we'll see a good loss! Can't wait!