Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dylan started HIGH SCHOOL

yup.. it's true.. he's finished exactly 1 full week of high school. it's totally amazing to me, it makes me feel old, and all at the same time.. it makes sense to me. it stinks he started school so early because we had to plan everything around his early starting school year.. oh well.. such is life. In 4 years I'll be talking about him starting his life, going to college or whatever he may choose to do.. for now he's a freshman in high school and has all his high school days in front of him! god speed mr Dylan. (his voice is changing too!)

Dan is leaving for Afghanistan as well.. Mike has been gone for a month or so.. Had a small party to see Dan off last night.. it was good to see him.

Still not back at work.. should be the end of this month or sometime next month.

Amy is on the mend.. she's walking and using her arms but the right side of her face is just not coming back. Tim was asked to be the god father! :)

Not much else to talk about!