Sunday, January 06, 2008

getting BENT

so there it is.. the story of my life.. getting the short end of the stick, life not being fair, nothing being equal at least in my eyes.. the life of a Libra where balancing everything in ones life is essential... and even sometimes for me obsessive. and nothing like lives little reminders to just keep popping up to let me know at all costs that my life will never seem balanced to others around me is the always bent fork. Not one fork in my house is bent... not that I know of, but low and behold no matter where I eat out I ALWAYS get the bent fork. It's the most annoying happening in my life. It's always consistent. I can go to any restuarant anywhere and grab a fork from a bin myself.. one out HUNDREDS of forks in 4-5 bins even at a buffett and somehow I always winds up with the bent fork. here it was again tonight. My son and I went out for dinner before I had to drop him back off with his dad. The waiter asked us if we wanted bread before our meal came out.. sure that sounds good.. he brings bread and butter but no utensils. a bus boy comes around the corner just a minute later and I ask him to which he quickly grabs to sets of silverware wrapped in a napkin secured by a little wrapper with the restuarants logo. I rip through the paper and look down and there it is.. another bent fork.. to this I laugh and my son grabs his set of utensils.. he got TWO forks.. both of them perfect, now one flaw in either of them.. I get ONE fork in my set.. mine is BENT and somehow my son gets TWO forks.. both perfect? coincindence.. I think not.. it's just a story of my life. My son and I have a really good laugh at it and laugh about how annoying it is to me try to eat with a bent fork. It pains me to actually put the fork full of food in my mouth. It's the strangest thing. i don't like the feeling of the little prong sticking out no matter how little the bend is.. so this gets me thinking.. is there a reason for this.. is there someone trying to give me some sort of a signal from another side.. is it the food gods saying DON'T FUCKING EAT THIS SHIT because I love to eat so much and it's so bad for me.. my one addiction in life for my addictive personality because I refuse to smoke, drink or spend money... or is it someone who has passed who through forks shows me they are still around.. this is your reminder however I have no fucking clue who you are... OR could it be that at one point in my life someone told me to GET BENT and now I'm being punished by bent forks? I don't get it.. I don't.

yes so if you too seem to find something in your life that is just ALWAYS a little off.. maybe you get the small fork at every meal? or the small spoon? or you never get a steak knife at your favorite steak house? or maybe you always get the dirty toliet stall in public bathrooms.. or the end of the toliet paper roll... what is it in your life that always happens...