Monday, February 20, 2006


nooowwww let's see if I can lose a few more to get to my personal goal and if I can maintain this! whoo-hoo.

The butt bone.....

Okay... since losing weight, I of course lost any trace of any fat that was in my butt area.... my butt is sooooo darn boney, I hate it! So the other morning I'm laying in bed and I'm sort of curled up and Tim looks over and says "lQQk there is your butt bone" OMG kill me. I can't lose fat from my middle but you can see my butt bone! geez.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

And there it was... the Christmas poo!

geez... okay.. two weeks ago I maintained at WW which is strange for me BUT, I had TOM and had worked out harder etc. Then last week I came within .4 of a lb to goal... I stayed for the meeting, went to work out, got home, and sure as shit (FOR REAL) there it was, the 5lb Christmas poo rearing it's ugly head of course only 3 hours late! Sure I could have made goal last week which made me more dertermined to make it this week. I worked out just as hard this week, watched my points, tried to stay away from sugar & eat all my veggies and fruits....went to weigh in this am and BAM I'm down 1lb... just a single lonely pound BUT the pound that made the entire difference in the world. As I stood there the leader just continued writing down my information and I finally spoke up and said "I made goal" and she said "you did?" YUP, READ EM AND WEAP BABY! 149.4 to be exact! Whoo-hooo! I left my meeting in better spirits that last week and went home and just a few minutes ago just 45 minutes after I weighed in... there he was.... the Christmas poo! grrrr!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Eating OVER points is hard work!

I came home from my WW meeting on Saturday and wanted to splurge a bit seeing as how I use all my flexies on Sat/Sun. I looked around the kitchen and couldn't even find any crap sugar cereal. I think the only high point easy food we had was peanut butter and I'm not a HUGE fan on pb. I like it, but it's just not something I would look for as a splurge item. So the weekend continued like that, me trying to find something high in points for me to eat to use up all those flexies. I actually had to go out to the store and buy a Pepperage Farm cake! I ate 1/4 of the cake for 10 points. Then I had a burrito from my fav mexican restaurant and could only manage to eat half! I'm such a loser! lol! I just came to the realization that my house might actually be point proof!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

4 months of damage = 6 weeks of hard work!

I let myself go from August to January 2nd as I've talked about here. I had to lose around 7-8lbs from that 4 month eating binge and today I thought I was back at 150.... NO SUCK LUCK! I'm 150.4..... so hopefully next week I'll be under 150 and I can start maintenance and hopefully I'll make lifetime the first week of April! I'm really excited.

Anyway.... last night I had a knock at my door and it was Heidi next door.... she flashed me a smile and waved her hand at me.... THEY'RE ENGAGED!!! Whoo-hoo after 6 years of being together he popped the question! I was so happy for them both!