Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Guardian angels hiding out as animals....

Have you ever heard a tear jerking story about an animal that somehow saved the life of a human??? (yes another blog that beings with a question) no I'm not speaking of the infamous Lassie... Just today in the Chicago news there was a story about a 2 year old little girl that was missing overnight. She was found with her black lab near a river huddled to the dog. When they were found the rescue team had to coax the dog to let them come near the girl, the dog was trying to protect her. The little girl is fine and the dog is being held as a HERO.. I say he is a guardian angel roaming this earth as an undercover!!!

On the flip side, another story from Oklahoma in the news is about some kids blowing up 6 puppies with fireworks!! How sick is that? Why does that NOT sound like something I would like to do with my time.. what sickos.. who could actually do that to a poor defenseless puppy?? Again, back to my eye for an eye blog and doing what they did to the puppies.. only seeing as how they are much bigger than the puppies than we'll sick fireworks (quarter sticks) not only in their mouths, but in their asses as well! Seems fair!

I am feeling as if my blogs are becoming almost my hate against the worst of humanity, my way of letting it all go, of course against only people I don't know.. and of course with very few people even knowing about this blog.. not that I would care if anybody I knew read this, I was just kinda starting it for myself.. I really wanted to start the blog as it is titled.. The book I should write. I did state in an earlier blog about all the bad things have happened in my life, people are always commenting on how I should write a book.. I really should I agree.. I just have to get it in some order in my head and actually sit down and just start typing away....

Well, thanks for reading my crazy ramblings for the day.. it's just reading the news just makes me sooooo pissed at the world..... it's very sad :(

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

A small hero has died.....

Mattie Stepanek a 13 year old poet with muscular dystrophy died on Tuesday.. He wrote 5 books all poetry all stemming from his grief over his brother dying when Mattie was 3. He has 3 older siblings that have died from this same rare from of muscular dystrophy called dysautonomic mitochondrial myopathy, a genetic disease that impaired his heart rate, breathing, blood pressure and digestion, and caused muscle weakness. His first book titled Heartsongs within weeks of publishing the book reached the top of the best-seller list!! Wow, pretty impressive for a 3 year old kid!!

People like this are tiny hero's, angels if you will, sent to earth to teach the rest of us that you can fight for your life, but the time that you are here is to be spent teaching, helping, and reaching out to others. The smallest bit of good will go a long way in a strangers day. For example, I was having some big problems at work today.. I had several calls one after the other for basically 3 hours. I kept saying out loud "if this next phone call is about this or that I'm gonna just scream!"... yea, the last time I said that was when someone in a very pleasant mood called just to check up on something completely different.. upon answering the phone I must have sounded kinda upset/rude/hasty because you could tell she was trying to but the sweetness on extra thick even though there wasn't any reason for her to so. Regardless, her sweet tone, and asking simply, "How are you?" even though I would have never told her "I'm having a crappy day" was so nice.. she seemed relaxed and willing to let me simmer down just for a minute.. at the end of our conversation I told her how happy I was to hear from her because I was having a lousy day and she brightened it.. she said "anyway I can help!".. ya know.. you don't even know me and you are willing to take time out of your day to help my day! Geez.. I wish the everyone in the world was like you!!! Every person willing to take the 3 minutes out of the day to help a neighbor, friend, or even a stranger.

So back to the little boy.. I have to say that the courage and strength this 13 year old held is amazing.. I'm just wishing more and more of us could take notice to theroesttle heros' anamongl's amoutruly I truely believe that some children have old souls.. with this I mean that they have lived here on earth and if you pay close enough attention you may catch just what I mean.. Unfortunately, I feel that these kids carry that throughout their lives, but as the child gets older, they become their own selves and bury the every day wisdom of the old soul. Maybe we could tape record every minutechild'sery childs life and study it, maybe we'll have all the answers to life worked out if we could just pay attention. So next time you are waiting in line at the library or grocery store and there is a little boy or girl behind you, stop for a minute, just listen to the precious things they say, watch how they act, take some time to momenthe Heyment.. hey, you gotta wait for the person ahead of you to be done anyway!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

An eye for an eye.....

What is going on here in the world?? I'm worried that all my blogs will begin with a question.. yikes.. anyway.. I don't know if you have heard or not, but here in Chicago we have two separate occurances of a parent killing the kids, and then I read about another girl in Fla this week was found... yea 10 years old and 29lbs!!! She is still alive however, she is obviously been seriously abused. The first occurance in the Chicago area this week was Saturday morning they found the bodies of two little boys and their father in the Lake Michigan just over the boarder of Wisconsin. All three were tied together and weighted down. It has since been labled a murder/suicide. The father had been depressed over some recent financial issues. The 3 of them were reported missing 6 weeks ago. The second case has not been officially labled as of yet, however, there was a fire that started in a microwave in a kitchen.. when the firemen got there woman was outside and her two kids were found dead in the bathtub!

Okay.. so in one case here the father is dead anyway.. so we can't do anything with him.... we'll leave that up to someone else higher or lower than us to take care of him.. I mean fine, kill yourself, don't drag (litterally) your kids into your suicide mission! With the 10 year old girl in Fla.. let's take the couple who was her caregivers at the time and put them in a locked room with a paint bucket for a toliet, lock the doors, and feed them the same stuff they fed her for the last two years.. by reports it was milk, some kind of protein/vitamin shakes, and 3 spoonfuls of food a day.. that's it. So that's all they get~ but better yet.. we'll double the time that this kid suffered... 4 years! Let's see if you make it 4 years you sickos!! Lastly, the lady with the two drown kids, this has not been officially labeled yet.. so we'll just go on to the Susan Smith case... we're strapping you to a car and rolling you into a lake to die!

If this world would basically live with the thinking that you treat others how you would like to be treated would we have to watch the news night after night and see these horrific headlines??? I know this is too much to dream of but wouldn't it be terrific!!! In the words of John Lennon "Imagine if you can".

Monday, June 21, 2004

I'm a big girl...

Geez.. what are people's problems these days?? It always seems that every time I turn around there is someone else giving me advice I'm not asking for telling me what I should and shouldn't be feeling... what is up with that?? Ya think I can feel my own feelings myself??? Hmmmmm....

Hey guys thanks for help but I have to tell you, I'm gonna be more depressed over everybody telling me that I shouldn't be a happy normal person just because I have had so many hardships in my life..

Oh well.. I guess everybody wants to help each other, I know I'm always doling out free advice so I shouldn't talk.

Someday I will write a book, and Oprah.. you are not every woman.. I don't care what you say. You haven't experienced half of what normal women have experience.. granted she has had hardships, ups and downs, and gone against all odds and came out successful.. I'm not saying that I have experienced it all.. maybe I too should have my own talk show so we can sit around and talk about all my depressing subjects. Anybody want to fund my crazy idea here???